Kellyanne Conway Destroys Lib “Russian Election Interference” Claims With 14 Brutal Words


In an appearance on Fox News Friday, senior adviser to President-elect Donald Trump Kellyanne Conway knocked down the left’s assertion that the Russians somehow interfered in the election — even though they have no real evidence of such — with 14 words. “Vladimir Putin did not tell Hillary Clinton to ignore Macomb County, Michigan and Wisconsin,” Conway said.

Conway’s answer was in response to questions from Fox News’ Fox & Friends panel about these Trump tweets:

“Look, he’s got a point. You’ve got many people on TV trying to confuse the voters and the viewers by conflating any alleged Russian hacking with the election results, and you simply can’t show the nexus,” Conway said on Fox News.

“Vladimir Putin did not tell Hillary Clinton to ignore Macomb County, Michigan and Wisconsin … and he is absolutely right about the passion of his voters.”

“I think retroactively folks are still looking for an excuse that isn’t named Hillary Clinton or her disastrous campaign,” Conway added.

Exactly. No matter how you slice this — Trump won the election and the Democrats lost. It’s important to note the former as well because it wasn’t just that the Dems were inept, and they were, but there was a huge movement behind Trump that pushed him into the White House — as Trump and Conway pointed out.

The people spoke up in 2016 for America-first policies and repudiated the failed policies of President Barack Obama and the left.

The Hill reported:

Trump questioned the findings of the intelligence community on Thursday after new reports suggested that the Democratic National Committee did not let the FBI examine its hacked servers.

“So how and why are they so sure about hacking if they never even requested an examination of the computer servers? What is going on?” Trump asked in a tweet.

On Friday, Trump also blasted Clinton, tweeting that his Democratic opponent was never going to beat the passion of his supporters.

Intelligence officials are set Friday to brief Trump on a classified report detailing Russia’s alleged interference in the election. President Obama was given the same report Thursday, and intelligence officials are expected to release a version of it to the public next week.

Trump absolutely should question the clearly politicized information that is trickling out, and regardless of who hacked what and when, Conway’s comments are spot-on. The Democrat Party’s failures in this election had nothing to do with the Russians, and it’s about time that they accept that. If they don’t that’s fine — keep on losing election after election because it appears that the American people are waking up to the left’s B.S.