Last 3 Democrat Presidential Losers Have One Horrible Thing in Common

The last three Democratic party presidential nominees who lost, Al Gore, John Kerry, and now Hillary Clinton, have one this one horrible thing in common. They all have refused to concede the fact they actually lost the election.

As NBC’s Chuck Todd so eloquently explains via RCP:

Chuck Todd weighs in on Hillary Clinton’s inability to acknowledge that she “truly lost” the 2016 U.S. presidential election. Todd cites John Kerry and Al Gore as the other two.

“She is now the third straight losing Democratic nominee for president to not believe they truly lost,” Todd said of Clinton. “She doesn’t believe she lost fair and square. John Kerry to this day does not believe he lost fair and square in ’04. And we know Al Gore doesn’t believe he lost fair and square. Just something interesting there.”

“But the other two didn’t talk about it as much. Just saying,” Washington Post columnist Ruth Marcus added.

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All three losing Democratic party presidential candidates have shown themselves to be total morons and given us ample reason to thank our lucky stars that none of them ever became President.