Last Confederate Statues Coming Down From University of Texas-Austin

It seems no place is safe from the Left’s purge of Confederate statues.

The Associated Press reports that the University of Austin-Texas has quickly moved to get rid of the main campus’s remaining monuments depicting Confederate leaders. University President Greg Fenves announced the decision late Sunday, and the work commenced later that night, completing the removal by today.

The school blocked off the area, and some arguments occurred among those gathered. But all of the statues were successfully taken down, university spokesman J.B. Bird said.

Fenves said statues of [Robert E.] Lee, Confederate Gen. Albert Sidney Johnston and Confederate Postmaster General John H. Reagan would be moved to the Briscoe Center for American History on campus. The university in 2015 moved a statue of former Confederate President Jefferson Davis from its perch near the campus clock tower, the same area as the other statues, to the history museum.

Less than 30 people, both supporters and opponents of Fenves’ order, congregated after midnight behind barricades near the statues. Among them was Mark Peterson, who identified himself as a University of Houston student. He was seething at the removal of the statues […]

Asked why the school decided to remove the statues during the overnight hours, university spokesman Gary Susswein said recent events played a factor.

“We’ve seen what happened elsewhere,” Susswein said. “The timing was designed to ensure public safety and provide minimal disruption to campus.”

In a vacuum, the appropriateness of displaying Confederate statues would be a nuanced question on which reasonable people could disagree. In fact, the most rational position would be to recognize that it’s not all or nothing — the various statues have a whole range of different histories and different meanings (like, for instance, honoring a political leader like Davis as opposed to remembering military sacrifices).

But this debate isn’t happening in a vacuum. It’s being driven by leftists who not only see no such nuances, they aren’t even primarily concerned with the Civil War. Their real end goal is to paint America’s Founders as no better than the South, every bit as racist, every bit as undeserving of remembrance. Ironically, for all they claim to despise the Confederacy, the modern Left shares its rejection of constitutional, natural-rights Union the Founders established.

What matters now is not relitigating the Civil War; what matters now is proving the Left can’t get their way through riots and temper tantrums and violence. Instead, the University of Texas has taught them that society will reward them for setting enough fires. So nobody should be surprised when the fires start getting bigger.