LEAKED: Washington Post Writer Asked DNC For Anti-Trump Research


Ah, combine lazy journalists with a conniving political party and you get Dana Milbank’s article that appeared in the Washington Post in April, 2016.

According to The Daily Caller, these two joined up to trash Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump:

Internal DNC emails suggest Milbanks asked for — and then leaned heavily on — DNC opposition research on Trump for the article.

The day before Milbank’s article, DNC deputy communications director Eric Walker sent out an email to the DNC’s research team.

In the email — which was titled “research request: top 10 worst Trump quotes?” — Walker wrote, “Milbank doing a Passover-themed 10 plagues of Trump.”

The DNC research team worked together to come up with a list of things Milbank could use that was provided to Walker.

Of the 10 “plagues” listed by Milbank, eight of them matched up with suggestions from the DNC.

By press time, Milbank had not yet replied to a list of questions from The Daily Caller about his article and whether or not he used DNC research in crafting it.

But this shouldn’t surprise us that Hillary Clinton has journalists in her back pocket. We already know she has the Clinton News Network–oops! I meant the Cable News Network–shoved in her pant suit.

CNN reporters and talking heads are silenced or fired if they even dare to mention anything negative concerning Hillary (remember Dr. Drew?).

She must have pretty big back pockets, because apparently she is able to fit the Department of Justice, the DNC chair, the D.C. establishment, AND a handful of journalists there.

We must, again, applaud WikiLeaks for revealing what we have known for some time now: the truth about this presidential election.

Trump has been fighting an uphill battle against this melee of Clinton conspiracy, corruption, and the liberal media agenda. Tomorrow we will see the results of that fight.