DANGER! Left Issues Official ‘Resistance’ Handbook To Trump

The left has literally lost their minds and are now proving it with their latest official “Resistance” handbook to guide their fellow leftists to work against President Trump and the Republican-controlled Congress.

Their new guide is called Indivisible: A Practical Guide for Resisting the Trump Agenda. During the campaign and throughout his presidency, Trump has always said his agenda is to “Make America Great Again,” but according to the left wingers who put together this guide, his agenda is much different:

Donald Trump is the biggest popular-vote loser in history to ever call himself President. In spite of the fact that he has no mandate, he will attempt to use his congressional majority to reshape America in his own racist, authoritarian, and corrupt image.

Accordingly, they must stand together to oppose anything and anything that Trump and congress wish to pass, no matter what it may be:

If progressives are going to stop this, we must stand indivisibly opposed to Trump and the Members of Congress (MoCs) who would do his bidding.

Apparently, these people are following what the Tea Party did back in 2009-2010 and believe they can replicate that, to make Congress listen to them. They believe they are being somehow victimized by Trump, and subsequently created this guide to teach others how to “resist.”

Of course, they even encourage illegal aliens to get involved as well because even though these people aren’t in the country legally they claim illegal aliens “have the right to have their voices heard by their representatives in Congress.”

NO ONE is required to provide any additional information, such as address, social security number, or immigration status.

The authors of the guide are “former progressive congressional staffers” who claim the Tea Party “beat back” Obama’s agenda and claims, “Their ideas were wrong, cruel, and tinged with racism — and they won.” In reference to the 2010 and 2012 congressional elections.

The guide talks about the Tea Party and how they focused on local elections and holding their Members of Congress (MoC) accountable for how they voted. They want people to force MoCs to be on the defense for any policies coming out of the Trump Administration or congress.

They clearly don’t even grasp Trump’s agenda, but lie about it in order to gin up their base:

Trump’s agenda explicitly targets immigrants, Muslims, people of color, LGBTQ people, the poor and working class, and women. It is critical that our resistance reflect and center the voices of those who are most directly threatened by the Trump agenda.

These progressives really have no clue about why Trump was elected, nor what his agenda actually means.

They go on to tell people how to form local groups if one doesn’t already exist and they tell them how to get others to attend town hall meetings of their MoCs and how to prepare questions ahead of time.

This is part of their ‘town hall’ guide:

Get there early, meet up, and get organized. Meet outside or in the parking lot for a quick huddle before the event. Distribute the handout of questions, and encourage members to ask the questions on the sheet or something similar.

Get seated and spread out. Head into the venue a bit early to grab seats at the front half of the room, but do not all sit together. Sit by yourself or in groups of two, and spread out throughout the room. This will help reinforce the impression of broad consensus.

Stick with the prepared list of questions. Don’t be afraid to read it straight from the printout if you need to.

Don’t give up the mic until you’re satisfied with the answer. If you’ve asked a hostile question, a staffer will often try to limit your ability to follow up by taking the microphone back immediately after you finish speaking. They can’t do that if you keep a firm hold on the mic. No staffer in their right mind wants to look like they’re physically intimidating a constituent, so they will back off. If they object, then say politely but loudly: “I’m not finished. The MoC is dodging my question. Why are you trying to stop me from following up?”

They also call for progressives to interfere with publicly-held events that have nothing to do with a town hall or even politics in general:

In addition to town halls, MoCs regularly attend public events for other purposes — parades, infrastructure groundbreakings, etc. Like town halls, these are opportunities to get face time with the MoCs and make sure they’re hearing about your concerns, while simultaneously changing the news story that gets written.

Hold organizational hosts accountable. Often these events will be hosted by local businesses or nonpartisan organizations — groups that don’t want controversy or to alienate the community. Reach out to them directly to express your concern that they are giving a platform to pro-Trump authoritarianism, racism, and corruption. If they persist, use social media to express your disappointment. This will reduce the likelihood that these organizations will host the Trump-friendly MoC in the future. MoCs depend on invitations like these to build ties and raise their visibility — so this matters to them.

The authors of the guide are funded by the Tides Foundation, which is an organization funded by left-wing extremists like George Soros.

The guide is literally only designed to teach how to “resist” President Trump and Republicans. That is the entire point of it. It doesn’t explain how to positively get their own failed progressive ideas across; they know those are already a failure.

It’s also interesting they are finally giving kudos to the Tea Party when they spent years demonizing them. Unlike the Tea Party, however, Indivisible is nothing but more left-wing astroturfing funded by the worst of the worst in this country.