Left-Wing Tolerance: Christians Kicked Out of Gay-Owned Coffee Shop Because They Are Christians

One of the Left’s favorite talking points on “discrimination” is that Christians should not be able to refuse service to someone even if providing that service would violate their faith. But what about when the roles are reversed?

In Seattle, several Christian residents decided to patronize a local coffee shop. The shop happens to be owned by a gay man. Those who went to the coffee shop had just completed handing out flyers in the community revealing the evils of abortion.

At first, things were going okay. But then, suddenly, the owner found out they were Christian, then proceeded to verbally harass the customers because of their faith. The entire (obscene) altercation was caught on video.

“I’m gay, you have to leave,” owner Ben Borgman said.

One of the customers asked “Are you denying us service?”

“I am, yes,” Borgman replied.

“So why aren’t we allowed to say?”

“Because I own the place. I have a right to be offended, so I have a right to say [inaudible].”

He found out they were Christians because of the flyers. When they tried to ask further why he was kicking them out, he went on a hate-filled disgusting rant against them.

“Shut up! … Can you tolerate my presence? Really? If I go get my boyfriend right now and f**k him in the ass right here, you’re going to tolerate that?”

The Christian patrons replied, “That would be your choice.”

Borgman then continued to rail against the Christian patrons, even going as far to say things so blasphemous he would have been stoned to death on the spot under Mosaic law.

“Yeah, I like ass; I’m not going to be saved by anything. I f**k Christ in the ass, okay? He’s hot!”

Shortly after that, they got up and left, recording the entire incident.

According to the official organization ‘Abolish Human Abortion,’ Christians were kicked out of coffee shops all over Seattle that weekend. But this one was particularly disturbing and bigoted.

Man, I can’t think of better examples of Left-wing love, tolerance, and compassion than this. Imagine the sacrifice it takes to berate someone you disagree with, and then blaspheme their God with sexually explicit imagery. It just doesn’t get any better than that.

Not to mention the appalling double-standard set forth in this example. Do you see Leftists coming to the defense of Christians who were discriminated against because of their faith? Absolutely not! Why would they maintain some level of logical consistency about the freedom of association?

Where the roles are literally reversed, the Left will come to the immediate aid on command of any gay person who is denied service because of the business owner’s religious beliefs. No matter what the case may be, no matter how strongly the person believes in declining to participate in that kind of ceremony, even monetarily, that simply cannot stand in our “free society.” We have to force things like that to go through.

Because that’s how we really change hearts and minds right? By threatening to put two in the heart and one in the mind unless they comply?

That’s the standard operating procedure of Left-wing Statists, though. Their own have the freedom to do literally whatever the hell they want, but anyone who has a minuscule diversion from typical Marxist orthodoxy must immediately be shut down by force into compliance.

And they claim to have the moral high ground! What world do these loonies live in?

H/T The Washington Times