Leftist Anti-Semitism Accusations Against Trump Are Foolish; Here’s Why [OP-ED]


As C.E. Dyer covered for TFPP yesterday, the Anne Frank Center for Mutual Respect disgraced itself this week with a hysterical statement declaring “The Antisemitism coming out of [Donald Trump’s] administration is the worst we have ever seen from any administration.”

Their evidence? The Trump White House supposedly neglecting to denounce bomb threats against Jewish community centers (when in reality it had already denounced them the day before AFCMR’s accusation), its Holocaust remembrance statement that didn’t specifically reference Jews (foolish and tone-deaf, but ultimately inconsequential to policy), and…that was pretty much it.

Substantive reasons to believe Trump or the people around him are bigoted against Jews or otherwise hold positions that threaten their welfare or interests simply don’t exist. If there was such a smoking gun, it would be plastered on TV and computer screens so constantly that almost every American would have it memorized without even trying. The Left thought maybe they could make the smear stick via Steve Bannon, but prominent Jewish figures Dennis Prager, Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, Alan Dershowitz, and David Horowitz — not to mention the Zionist Organization of America — all denounced the attack on him as baseless.

As we covered yesterday, it’s hard to square “Trump hates Jews!” with the numerous Jews among the man’s close family and inner circle, or his substantial donations over the years to Jewish/Israeli causes.

As Herb Keinon of the Jerusalem Post notes, a single instance of misguided rhetoric hardly defines real action (he also reminds us that last year, left-wing Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau also omitted the Jews from a Holocaust remembrance statement; when was last time you heard anyone speculate whether Trudeau’s anti-Semitic?).

And where it counts, there’s no question that Trump’s actions reveal, as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu put it recently, a “great friend to the Jewish people.”

Trump stands for clearly identifying and forcefully opposing the world’s greatest threat to Jews, radical Islam. American Jews are more likely to be victims of hate crimes than any other religious group combined, and Trump wants to overhaul our immigration and refugee screening procedures to keep real anti-Semites out of the country (the Anne Frank Center bitterly opposes Trump’s efforts to protect American Jews from jihad-minded refugees, by the way).

Trump is also a staunch ally of the world’s only Jewish nation. He supports respecting Israel’s decisions to protect itself and pursue its interests as they see fit, moving America’s embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, abandonment of prior presidents’ absolute insistence on a two-state solution to the Israel-Palestinian conflict, and serious resistance to the nuclear ambitions of Iran, a regime that wants to push the Jews into the sea.

So far, the only sign that Trump might not deliver on those promises was a statement against the expansion of Israeli settlements in the West Bank, but pro-settlement groups made clear they were not disturbed by the remarks, which were more nuanced than the regular finger-waving Israel got from Barack Obama. Further, Charles Krauthammer — no fan of Trump — explained:

That was Trump doing Netanyahu a favor. Netanyahu is under pressure from his right wing to hugely expand settlements. He doesn’t want to do it. He’s never been a settlement fanatic, and what they are going to do — I guarantee you — the administration will end up with an agreement with the Israelis to return to the understanding in a letter that George W. Bush wrote to the Israelis in 2004 in which the settlement issue is dealt with in this way: No new settlements, no expansion of the territory on which settlements are located. However, you can thicken the settlements by adding housing inside. That was the understanding. It was abandoned by Obama unilaterally, in what was a betrayal of the Israelis.

But the biggest reason to reject this slander has nothing to do with Trump, and everything to do with his attackers’ utter silence on actual hostility and danger to Jews.

Has the Anne Frank Center ever said a word about the Obama Administration’s appeasement of Iran helping empower the mullahs to eventually launch another Holocaust? Nope and nada.

Did they every say anything about Obama’s numerous smears, insults, attacks, or betrayals against Israel? That’s a negative yet again.

Are they at all troubled that one of the top candidates to lead the Democrat Party, Keith Ellison, is on tape talking about how Jews supposedly benefited from the 9/11 attacks, or that he’s got a record of closeness to notorious anti-Semites like Louis Farrakhan? Once more, their silence is deafening.

Between this and the rampant anti-Semitism on college campuses and the left-wing anti-war movement (but I repeat myself), it’s awfully hard to see this line of attack on Donald Trump as anything other than liberal projection.