Leftist Fascists Harass, Assault Trump Supporters, Burn American Flag At Minneapolis Rally

american flag burning

The face of fascism isn’t in the strange comb over of Donald Trump or the strident campaigning of Ted Cruz, it’s the opponents of conservatism, who will stop and nothing to silence the right, especially Donald Trump and torment his devotees.

Last night at a Minneapolis fundraiser was a perfect example. Kyle Olson over at The American Mirror assembled some shocking video of protesters banging on doors, jumping on cars and harassing attendees who were forced through a gauntlet of screams and shouts … an elderly woman was even punched and pelted with garbage.

Here’s the first video, from a photographer with the Minneapolis Star-Tribune:

And then there’s this one, from a reporter at the St. Paul Pioneer-Press, showing attendees being pushed, prodded and screamed at as they try to enter.

And another, from the same reporter, showing them burning an American Flag.

Or this one, from a reporter with Minnesota Public Radio, showing protesters trying to stop Donald Trump’s motorcade. At one point, a nitwit jumps on the hood of the car:

This behavior is truly disgusting and has no place in a civilized society. They, not Donald Trump, are the new face of intolerance and fascism.