Leftist Group Offers $15,000 a Month Salary For Activists to Fight Trump

Trump Derangement Syndrome has risen to new heights as a leftist group is shelling out $15,000 a month to individuals that sign up to oppose the president.

The Washington Examiner reported:

A group known for its successes fighting digital wars, notably net neutrality, is offering $15,000 to activists who quit their jobs and form “A-Teams” to jump into a war on President Trump’s agenda.

Fight for the Future, started in 2011 as a digital activist group, on Monday issued the offer with this eye-catching opening: “Terrified about Trump? Quit your job, start an A-Team. We’ll fund it” […]

Greer compared the groups to tactical special operations forces. He said the A-Teams, presumably styled like the famed TV team, are “an attempt to help incubate other ‘special ops activist teams to tackle major issues, against the backdrop of unprecedented threats in the Trump era.”

The online application and sales job includes a photo from the classic anti-Barry Goldwater ad from 1964 in which the world is nuked if he’s elected.

It urges potential activists to quit and get working against Trump. A few of the initial A-Teams will receive a $15,000 check for their first month.

“We’re currently taking applications for an initial launch of the project, and will be providing a few select teams with funding, guidance, and support,” Fight for the Future campaign director Evan Greer announced.

“Our goal is to spawn a movement of small, dedicated, groups of people using the tactics that we’ve used effectively to defend Internet freedom to win major victories in other issue areas affecting our basic rights and freedoms, such as immigration, freedom of press, police brutality, drug reform, and government corruption,” he continued.

“We’re still working out the details, but if you’ve got a strong 2-3 person A-Team and a target we’d give you $15,000 right now for the first month, just to see what you can do,” the promo noted. “If you make a big splash or measurable impact on your target in that time, we’re pretty sure we can find you more.”

In a funny way, this is yet another example of the Trump effect — he’s a job creating machine! Whether it’s through negotiation and policy or because of the hysterical melting of the snowflakes due to Trump Derangement Syndrome, jobs are being created.

Also, jobs are being opened up as leftists vacate their positions (if they were in fact employed at all) and leave open a spot for someone who would likely do a far better job than your average leftist whiner.

Here’s a list of the issues these “A-Teams” are set to target:

Healthcare / ACA



The Wall


Racism / Fascism



Ending the drug war

Foreign policy





Economic populism

Renewable energy