Leftist Riot Forces Cancellation Of Milo Event At Berkeley


The campus of UC Berkeley descended into chaos Wednesday night as a student protest against a speech by a Breitbart personality turned into a massive riot.

Officials say that anarchists and socialist agitators infiltrated the protest, which began relatively peacefully, but the situation deteriorated as barricades were torn down, fireworks were thrown, bricks were thrown and firebombs were thrown at buildings.

Several people were injured and at least four banks were damaged at the protests against conservative provocateur Milo Yiannapoulos, who is on the last legs of his “Dangerous Faggot” tour. The event was eventually cancelled.

The event began in Sproul Plaza on campus several hours before Yiannapoulos’ was scheduled to begin. The crowd included current students, older Berkeley students, radicals and anarchists dressed in all black, Newsweek reports.

The radicals became violent, destroying a portable light tower and setting it on fire, spray-painting buildings with graffiti that read “F**k Trump” and throwing rocks, bricks and firecrackers at police.

“Antifa” is a Leftist term meaning “anti-fascists.” They attacked banks and ATM machines.

This is the group that seemed to be responsible for most of the violence:

Police eventually issued a dispersal order, and began clearing the area.

At one point, a Milo fan and Trump supporter was peppersprayed by protesters:

Here’s a local CBS report on the protest: