Leftists Burning Books To Protest Fascism


Robert Gehl reports a flyer encouraging violence against Donald Trump supporters was condemned at the North Carolina university where it was posted, prompting discussion about the lengths people believe they can go to stop free speech.

The flyer was found on one of the student newspaper boxes. It features a cartoon with the caption “if you see something … do something!”

What the “doing something” entails is stealing and burning a “Make America Great Again” hat and beating a neo-Nazi with a baseball bat labeled “Bash The Fash!”


University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill Chancellor Carol Folt condemned the flyer, saying it “expresses acts of violence to supporters of Donald Trump,” and called it’s message “the antithesis of the values that are the foundation of our university” because it is designed to “incite violence” than promote free speech.” Here’s her statement:

We have become aware of a threatening flyer that has been posted around campus and disseminated through social media expressing acts of violence to supporters of President Trump. We take these matters very seriously. The flyer and its message are the antithesis of the values that are the foundation of our University. It is not designed to spark civil discourse or encourage thoughtful debate. Its intentions are to incite violence, and there is no place for that here or in our society.

If you see something that you feel falls into this category, we encourage you to contact University Police at 919-962-8100. If you see offensive material and feel you need assistance, we encourage students to call Counseling and Psychological Services (919-966-3658), and faculty and staff to contact our Employee Assistance Program (877-314-5841). We are committed to doing everything we can to ensure the safety of our campus.

The flyer comes in the wake of several acts of violence against Trump supporters at his rallies across college campuses. Anti-Fascist demonstrators – many of them affiliated with the “Black Block,” have infiltrated otherwise peaceful demonstrations and turned them violent and unruly – essentially turning a peaceful protest into a riot. The groups are anarchist agitators, determined to upturn the entire American system.

There’s now a debate on the UNC-Chapel Hill campus about free speech and whether or not “punching Nazis” and “violence against Carolina conservatives is ‘totally the best’”

Many students, though, defended the Trump supporters First Amendment right and pooh-pooed any correlation between Trump supporters and neo-Nazis.

“So is this equating Trump supporters with neo-Nazis or what?” a student asked. “Kinda seems that way and I’m not okay with that, even if I do despise Trump and think everyone who voted for him is directly responsible for the degradation of our republic.”

H/T: CampusReform