Leftists Have A Great (Not Really) Way To STICK IT To Donald Trump


Leftist anti-Trump hysteria has reached a fever pitch at The Washington Post.

The latest retaliatory idea is for the City of New York to seize Trump Tower in some sort of “eminent domain” claim.

Oddly, the column tries to justify this obscene act by claiming that with all the Secret Service and security surrounding Trump Tower, it represents a police state anyway.

Officers wielding gigantic guns guard Trump Tower, where President-elect Donald Trump conducts all transition business, and soon lots of presidential business, too. Shoppers patronizing the stores, cafes or public gardens inside must endure layers of security screening. Streets and sidewalks are barricaded; traffic is snarled; and costumed buskers milk money from the looky-loos obstructing the entrances to Gucci and Tiffany.

The challenges of securing this 58-story building in a high-density neighborhood will, by Inauguration Day alone, drain $35 million of local taxpayer money. Who knows the additional costs to commerce and property values?

The feds have thus far been stingy about footing the bill. Fortunately, I’ve come up with a solution that should warm the cockles of the president-elect’s heart: New York should use eminent domain to seize Trump Tower.

Writer Catherine Rampell argues that since Trump has taken advantage of eminent domain laws in the past – and spoken highly of them – that using it on his own building is a perfect fit.

Guarding the President-elect and his family is expensive, so by taking over the tower, they could… recoup some of the losses, I guess is the idea. But wouldn’t Trump have to be “justly compensated”? Ahh… there’s the rub.

Even more amazing, Rampell tries to make the claim that Trump shouldn’t even be compensated for the value of the property – almost $500 million.

If New York wants to cut its costs, however, it could instead place a negative easement on Trump Tower, one that allowed Trump to retain ownership but prevented any presidents or presidents-elect from living there. The city would have to compensate Trump for lost value to the property as a result, but that would likely be small.

Finally, if the city were especially cheap (and cheeky), it could declare Trump’s active residence in Trump Tower a “public nuisance.”

Lots of liberal elites believe our president-elect is a nuisance. In this case, though, the term has a specific legal meaning: any activity or physical condition that “obstructs, damages or inconveniences the rights of a community.” Crackhouses, brothels, foul smells and blocking of rights of way are common examples. So too might be scuppering one of the world’s top shopping destinations and placing a big ol’ terrorism target on its back.

The same day that this article came out, writer Eugene Robinson suggested that Vladimir Putin not only got Trump elected, but is helping him shape an “anti-government cabinet.

Of course, this is all complete nonsense and Leftist wishful thinking. But that’s what happens when small minds can’t accept the reality of the cards they’re dealt… their minds start to wander.