Leftists Launch Campaign to Crush Hannity And Fox

In yet another sad bid to give its left-wing audience a sense of relevance and something to do with all their anger, Media Matters has launched yet another attack on Fox News and its biggest remaining conservative name, Sean Hannity.

The Boston Herald reports that the leftist propaganda outlet has announced a new campaign to to try to pressure advertisers to abandon Hannity’s show. They’re gonna have angry phone calls, and emails, a Stop Hannity website, and everything! Even a banner on a plane!

MM president Angelo Carusone framed this stunt as some sort of patriotic duty, declaring that in recent months, Hannity’s show has “really has moved beyond just being a conservative viewpoint to state-aligned disinformation and propaganda.” I don’t know what’s more hilarious about that statement: the fact that MM frames all conservative viewpoint media as “disinformation and propaganda” (so what makes Hannity worse?), or the irony of a site that spent eight years as lapdogs for the Obama Administration (it literally coordinated with the Obama White House and Justice Department) crying about “state-aligned” media.

However, if all of this sounds a little too familiar, there’s a reason for that:

In the spring, Media Matters published a list of Hannity’s advertisers and while it stopped short of advocating a boycott, groups like the Democratic Coalition Against Trump did. Only a handful of advertisers responded. Conservatives launched a campaign against MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, which met with a similar lack of success.

But now everything’s totally different. You see, the effort has been “energized,” per the Globe, by the recent lawsuit against Fox over the Seth Rich story…despite the fact that as the Globe acknowledges, Hannity himself hasn’t gone back to the Seth Rich well recently.

“We were forced into this position,” Carusone hilariously says, citing Hannity’s criticism of (the highly untrustworthy) Robert Mueller.

Sure, you were forced, all right…not by Sean Hannity, but by the need of all left-wing propagandists to regularly have a target at which your rabid followers can direct their hate.