Leftists Claim ‘Cultural Appropriation,’ Shut Down Another Restaurant

The Culture Nazis can claim another victory.

With “cultural appropriation” as their new rallying cry, Social Justice Warriors have set their sites on anything ethnic that might be owned by white people. If it’s a Mexican restaurant, it better be owned by a full-blooded Mexican.

That’s what Kali Wilgus and LC Connelly found out. They owned Kooks Burritos in Portland, but a vicious social media attack forced them to shut down because they sold Mexican burritos and they weren’t Mexicans.

Well, they did it again.

A Hawaii-themed restaurant – also in Oregon – was forced to close down after it was discovered that the business owner wasn’t a native Hawaiian. Cloud Davidson lived there as a kid and visited family who lived there, but that wasn’t enough.

He opened the Hapuna Kahuna Tiki Bar and Kitchen on June 22, but just a week later, he was accused of “cultural appropriation” and “insensitivity.”

In an interview with the Corvallis Gazette-Times, Davidson groveled before the tyranny of the left. “I unintentionally made a mistake and I’m sorry,” he begged.

Davidson said that people of Polynesian ancestry – mainly Oregon State University students – complained about all the incredibly insensitive things about the place: the Hawaiian name, “traditional iconography used in a cartoonish way,” and how they handed out leis to customers.

“I’m very sympathetic to the issues that were brought up to me. And I’m not for a moment going to tell a person of color that they’re wrong for how they feel,” Davidson continued to grovel.

A local Facebook forum also had numerous comments about the situation, including questions of whether it was appropriate for chefs to cook ethnic food that wasn’t from their ancestry, such as a Korean chef running a sushi joint, since the cuisine is Japanese; discussion on the origins of Tiki “culture” as an inauthentic fantasy mashup of tropical influences, and how there are Tiki bars in Hawaii; and comments on the evolution of Hawaiian cuisine to include items from numerous cultures, including those of Asian and Western countries.

In his Facebook post, Davidson pledged to close the bar, remove the “culturally insensitive decorations,” and re-open the bar, but as an extension of a bar he already owns next door. The bar next door is called the “Downward Dog,” so we expect to hear cries of “Canine Appropriation” from the animal community soon too.

When will this nonsense stop? These people must know that literally everything is appropriated from somewhere, don’t they? The horse and American Indians are culturally intertwined, but even horses were brought over to the New World by European explorers.

H/T: Heat Street