Leftists’ Vile Mocking Of Roger Ailes After his Death

Liberals took sick delight at the news of the death of Roger Ailes early Thursday morning, reminding everyone about how truly “tolerant” the party of tolerance is.

Charles Clymer, who is so deep in the weeds of leftist feminist dogma that he refers to himself as a “they,” was the first out of the gate with the vitriolic spittle.

“Roger Ailes was a disgusting and hateful human being,” he wrote. “Anything said more positive than that is just sugar trying to make shit taste good.”

What would the media say if a well-respected Democrat passed away and a conservative writer wrote something like that? Democrats in the Senate would be calling for their crucifixion. But since Clymer claims to be a feminist, he gets to say what he wants.

Wait a second … do feminists allow us to use the term “sweetie” disparagingly? I don’t think we’re supposed to do that.

Oh, wait! Is that Charles Clymer? Oh…he can say what he wants, right? Nevermind.

Back to the nasty liberals mocking a dead person – because that’s what they do best:

Stay classy, leftists!