Left’s SICK Moral Standards Nailed in One Tweet

Seth Connell asks: How many examples do we need of liberal Hollywood elite hypocrisy? It’s almost difficult to specify because there are so many.

Whether it’s Leonardo DiCaprio ranting against climate change while traveling around in his private jet putting out more carbon dioxide emissions than multiple people ever could in multiple lifetimes; or Al Gore ranting against climate change while living in a mansion that uses nearly 20x the electricity that any normal household would use; or Jimmy Kimmel ranting against Americans’ right to bear arms all while beefing up his own armed security.

The list just goes on and on and on…

The main Hollywood elite story dominating the headlines over the past week is the sexual assault/rape scandal plaguing Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein. Several dozen women have stepped up and said that Weinstein either sexually assaulted or raped them in the past.

The left-wing elite in Hollywood and the capital Beltway have, with a few exceptions, remained rather silent on the massive amount of allegations. Why is that? Why are the directors, the actors and actresses, all the big-shots not coming out en masse condemning Weinstein like they should (as they should have for years)?

Steve Hilton of Fox News discussed this in a recent monologue, and he stated that their hypocrisy is no secret; anyone can see that with an objective eye. But the real issue runs deeper than just liberal dogma and hypocrisy. It really comes down to the way that the elitist ideology is based on abusing power, and that goes from Hollywood all the way to the big shots in Silicon valley.

Watch his remarks below:

Hilton makes an excellent point: the left-wing elite have a penchant for either condoning, or actually committing, abuse of power, and that carries over to inter-personal relationships more often than we might think. Why is that?

Their own political ideology mandates abuse of power. With their ideas about high-class society having the only legitimate voices and the notion that their ideas need to prevail despite what voters may say, the logical conclusion is that there must be abuse of power in order to advance their goals.

It’s just like we have reported on regarding the bill that claims to be a ban on bump-stocks: the bill, and the idea behind it, is to ban the device that enables the user to shoot a semi-automatic firearm faster. But the language of the bill is so ambiguous that it literally begs for Statists to construe its meaning as broader than what the words are actually saying.

Now, luckily gun owners are going to push back against this nonsense. However, in the cultural elite circles, pushing back is something that few feel able to do without ruining their careers. A former Playboy model, Carrie Stevens, claims that Oliver Stone, another Hollywood elitist, sexually assaulted her and possibly many other women years ago.

But because of his position, and the threat he posed to her career, she felt that she couldn’t say anything. Let’s also not forget the fact that Hugh Hefner made a living off of exploiting women for men’s sexual pleasure across the world, and that Stevens is one of the many who have fallen into that horrendous lifestyle.

The sexist exploitation and abuse of women, in Hilton’s assessment, is not an exception to the liberal elite ideology, but is an extension of it. Given how the elite culture tends to operate, he definitely makes a very solid point.