Liberal America Summed Up In One Terrifying Photo…

From Regan Pifer :

I love Maine. You want to know why? Nicest people on the planet.

Well, and the blueberries. Hiking and eating wild blueberries is the best.

But I’m not sure even the freshest blueberries will make up for the great disdain I have for residents in Rockland, Maine.

What happened to the headquarters of nice people?

Angry liberals. That’s what.

Seventy-five-year-old Susan Reitman says she would rather go to jail than take down her signs supporting President Donald Trump.

She is currently facing fines if she does not take the signs down from her property.

The signs on her gate (that she owns) read “I Love Trump” and “He Won, Get Over It”.

Allegedly her signs “violate a local ordinance, because they are bigger than the town allows.”

I’m sure during the campaign, Hillary Clinton’s face was plastered all over that town…as big as they darn well pleased.

But now, you’re forcing an old woman to take down her patriotism for the president.

According to the Daily Mail:

The officer said another Rockland resident complained about the size of the signs. The city ordinance states residential signs can be no larger than two square feet.

Reitman’s signs are a little larger than three feet by two feet.
She could be fined between $100 to $1,000 per day if she doesn’t remove the signs by Friday.

However, Reitman said she has no intention of removing her signs — or paying any fines.

Reitman told New England Cable News that her free speech rights are more important than the ordinance.
‘If I have to sit in jail for the rest of eternity, that’s my choice,’ she said.

Town officials say there’s a process to apply for permits to display larger signs.

Reitman said she wasn’t aware of the ordinance and feels it should be changed to allow for this kind of political speech.

You can see from these pictures how absolutely ludicrous this situation is.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with the size of her signs hanging on the fence which she owns on her property.

The inhabitants of Rockland hate the message not the size of the font.

Reitman is exactly right. This is a free speech issue.

They’re using a local ordinance as the Trojan horse to silence her political views.

Her signs are no more than 3 feet by 2 feet.

And this is causing the ruckus?!

She’s supporting our president. Oh, the horror!

I’m incredibly proud of this woman for standing up against what is certainly New England liberal bullying at its finest.

Finding some absolutely ridiculous ordinance to protest her political affiliations and patriotism.

Let’s call a spade a spade. There is no need to skirt around this issue.

What happens when these signs, instead of being the wrong size, bear the “wrong” message according to the complainers?

What happens when pro-Trump feelings are translated to pro-racism, pro-white supremacism? (If they haven’t already.)

Will this be a situation where local governments will legislate words away because they cannot coexist with a difference in opinion?

Maine can keep their blueberries. I’m staying the heck away from that state for a while.

Do you stand with Reitman? Why or why not?