This Liberal College Has A 100% Conviction Rate For Sexual Assault Cases

A liberal college is facing a lawsuit over a staggering one hundred percent conviction rate of male students who have been accused of sexual assault.

A student who was expelled by Ohio’s Oberlin College is fighting back against what appears to be a failure of the school’s administration to exercise due process when investigating allegations made by females who are not subject to the burden of proof.

Via the Washington Times, “Oberlin College’s 100% sexual assault conviction rate prompts lawsuit, due process concerns”:

Ohio’s Oberlin College boasts a conviction rate for students accused of sexual assault that would make Vladimir Putin blush.

A lawsuit filed last year by a student expelled from Oberlin reveals that every student who went through the college’s formal sexual assault adjudication process was found responsible on at least one count.

William A. Jacobson, a professor at Cornell Law School who runs the Legal Insurrection blog, said the conviction rate “calls into question whether Oberlin’s sexual assault hearings amounted to nothing more than show trials in which the accused were presumed guilty.”

“At least Oberlin afforded the accused an opportunity to present a defense, which is not always the case,” Mr. Jacobson said in a statement. “But whether that was a meaningful opportunity, or just a procedural formality, is another matter in light of campus pressures to always believe an accuser and to fight ‘rape culture.’”

Oberlin officials declined to comment.

Additional details are provided by the Legal Insurrection blog:

A male student who was expelled from campus in October 2016 for alleged sexual assault has filed a federal lawsuit against Oberlin. Though the lawsuit was filed in June 2017, it has not received any publicity. Yet the lawsuit contains allegations which, if proven, reflect that Oberlin’s system for adjudicating sexual assault accusations was fundamentally biased against males, at least during the 2015-2016 academic year.

This is a problem at other campuses we have covered dozens of times, the so-called kangaroo courts which serve as rubber stamps under pressure from Obama Education Department Office of Civil rights guidance. It’s a pressure that Betsy DeVos is starting to roll back in favor of protecting due process rights of the accused […]

According to the Complaint, the encounter started as consensual by everyone’s account, including sexual intercourse. There were text messages and other evidence that at least at the start, both parties were on board. At some point, the female asked for intercourse to stop because she was experiencing physical discomfort from the intercourse, and the male stopped. At that point the male requested that the female perform oral sex on him, and she did.

The alleged violation of the campus code took place only on the issue of consent to oral sex, not the preceding intercourse and other sexual relatoins. Just prior performing oral sex, the female made a comment that she was “not sober.” That comment would become the central issue as to whether the female was “incapacitated” (and therefore unable to give true consent) under the Oberlin code and whether the male reasonably should have known that.

As in so many cases, the allegation of sexual assault was not made immediately, but only after a period of time. There was no claim of use of force during the female’s initial interactions with friends or interview with an investigator. At the hearing that would change, and she alleged the use of force to push her head down during oral sex.

The loss of a male’s presumption of innocence stems from the Obama regime’s “guidance” on how educational institutions should treat accusations of sexual assaults under Title IX of federal law. Obama’s meddling in the affairs of colleges had been criticized of being unfair and devoid of due process or any concern for the rights of the accused.

Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos moved to rescind Obama’s policies in 2017.

It’s a chilling sign of the times and the radical wave of feminist anger that has erupted like a malevolent succubus from the ashes of the doomed presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton that has given rise to the spread of a virulent form of misandry.

The wave of sexual assault allegations in which the purported victims were treated like celebrities – Time Magazine honored the #MeToo movement as their “Person of the Year” – has created a climate of fear for men who face having their lives ruined over a mere accusation.

It’s pretty clear that Oberlin College deprived the accused of a fair hearing.

The real shame is that they are not an outlier; this is happening every day in a country that has been poisoned by gender resentment that has been weaponized for political ends.