Why Liberal College Students Are In For A Rude Awakening In The Real World


Employers Refusing to Hire Grads with Humanities Degrees Because They Can Be Bad Employees — by Robert Gehl

With what’s going on in America’s colleges, would you hire a graduate?

More specifically, would you hire a graduate with a humanities degree from one of these snowflake universities that are spitting out Marxist, racist, classist dogma that is being gleefully absorbed by these graduates?

A “cultural studies” major? Or a “sociology” or “Social Justice” major?

Someone with zero real-world experience, who sees a boogeyman around every corner and thinks free market capitalism and American ideals are the greatest plague since the Black Death?

Of course you wouldn’t. And businesses aren’t.

This world needs hard skills, like science, math and engineering. These humanities degrees, and the “soft sciences” have become laboratories for anti-Western values; little isolated islands where nobody bears responsibility for their own action and their force-fed indoctrination and activism doesn’t stand up to the cold, harsh light of the real world.

But it’s not just about the activism, The Observer’s Pete Ross writes, although that is a factor. “The ferocity of some of these protests has to be seen to be believed. Students screaming in the face of professors, some even getting so hostile that professors have had to hold classes off campus because their safety cannot be guaranteed. In addition, the vast majority of these protests are over absurd issues: Mexican food being served at a space-themed party, cultural appropriation of Halloween costumes, white people objecting to being told to stay off campus. All of these protests have something in common: they start in the humanities, where students are being indoctrinated into thinking that everything they don’t like is offensive.”

By and large, employers look for specific traits, Ross writes. Take a look at these and tell me how many SJW’s carry around these characteristics:

  • Reliability
  • Conscientiousness
  • Well-presented
  • Doesn’t bring personal baggage into the workplace
  • Puts the business’ needs before their own as much as possible
  • Goes the extra mile to ensure the company’s success
  • Thinks like the owner, asking how can they make things better

Anyone who studies degrees such as law, economics, accounting, or anything in STEM generally has those traits as a default. It’s a mixture of the people going into those degrees already possessing those traits due to their personality profile, but the level of competition and the technical difficulty in those subjects also breeds a mindset that is conscientious, competitive, and employer-friendly.

Ross writes that it’s unfair to tar all humanities students by who screeches loudest, but what if hiring one of them could sink your business? No sane person would want one of these trained activists within a thousand yards of their business, because all they do is cause trouble.

Sure, in employing a humanities graduate you might find the gold standard of worker, but the risk that you’ll get a trouble-causing activist isn’t worth it.

The other big question is for parents out there: do you actually want to pay (or have your children take on student loan debt) tens of thousands of dollars for your children to be turned into volunteer victims and activists who can’t find a job? Better to use that money towards a degree that actually teaches something useful, and provides a real future.