Liberal Hypocrisy on the “American Dream” Brutally Exposed By One Meme

From Robert Gehl: How can illegal immigration be so easy and immigration that is right and just be so difficult?

A dying woman’s wish to be near her family at the end of her life exposes the evil nature of immigration – and just why the tables need to be turned once and for all.

Svetlana Kuzmenko wants to live. She is only 54 years old and was diagnosed with cervical cancer. She traveled around the globe looking for treatment.

Finally, she ended up in Canton, Ohio, shortly after her doctors in Russia told her she had four months to live.

That was four years ago. She has been fighting to get her family by her side since and it took a United States congressman to get some action.

“She just loves life,” Svetlana’s daughter Alena said. “She’s decided to fight.”

The two are staying at a makeshift hospice at an AirBnB home near the hospital.

Alena has been with Svetlana for the last six months and finally, her other daughter came in from Russia a few weeks ago.

But getting her husband here has proven to be a little trickier. They applied to get him here through all the legal channels. By all accounts, given her situation, he should have been able to come over – at least on a temporary basis.

But bureaucratic nonsense kept his application in limbo.

30 days, they would say. 30 days.

Except they kept saying that: 30 days. Month after month.

Each one of those “30 days” might have been Svetlana’s last. “Every day is a blessing for us,” Alena said.

So finally, her family contacted the local television station, WKYC, who contacted Rep. Jim Renacci (R-Ohio).

Renacci’s office contacted the US Embassy in Russia and guess what. Within days, Oleg touch down at the airport. He was here.

How can it take a US Congressman to force action for this dying woman when illegal aliens swarm across the border like a flood?

Legal immigration – The right kind of immigration is good. It rejuvenates a society and brings in youth, vitality and new ideas.

But illegal immigration causes flooded borders, backlogs and a law enforcement nightmare.

And there’s this backstory:

The Kuzmenkos have been staying in Canton at Chris Adams’ home.

It was the ONLY AirBnB they could find 6 months ago.

And get this.

Adams’ 25-year-old son Aaron died from cancer the same day the Kuzmenko’s came to town.

“I just feel like God sent them as a gift to me,” says Adams.

This family from Russia, staying in Aaron Adams handicap accessible room in Canton, with their mamma who now needs a wheelchair herself.

Chris Adams KNOWS the enormity of what they are about to lose.

But in her, the Kuzmenkos say they have found a family member.

“So it was a gift to me and I feel like my home was a gift to them.  Because I feel like only God knew Aaron was going to die that night right before they came.”+

America’s immigration system is out of focus and has lost sight of the purpose of national immigration – to strengthen a country.