Liberal Hypocrisy On ‘Equality in the Workplace’ BRUTALLY Exposed

But why is no one howling about this equality?

Calvin Freiburger reports that Left-wing complaints about the so-called “gender gap” in worker pay have always been a good barometer of intellect.

“Women only make 80 cents for every dollar a man makes!” liberals complain. The impression is that all other things being equal, a woman will make less than a man for doing the same job. Yet a little knowledge and common sense make clear the statistic is an average that reflects the different career and educational choices men and women tend to make, not that specific employers are discriminating on the basis of sex.

Now, the UK’s Evening Standard has a story that should drive the point home for anyone with an open mind. It seems America’s overall “gender gap” is nothing compared to the gender gap in the British modeling industry, where female models earn a whopping 75% of what men do. Ladies also account for nine of the industry’s top ten earners:

Losing her place in the top spot is Kate Moss, who has been overtaken financially by friend and model 19 years her junior Cara Delevingne.

Earning £8 million a year, Delevingne has the power of Instagram to thank for her £22,000 a day salary according to new research conducted by lingerie brand Bluebella based on catwalk day rates and commercial deals.

With over 40 million Instagram followers – compared to Moss’s agency account’s 631,000 – the 24-year-old model-turned-actress dominates a more influential arena on social media, rendering her more attractive to advertisers.

So, does the British modeling industry have a secret anti-male bias? A conspiracy to enrich women at men’s expense? Of course not.

Liberals may have a hard time grasping this, but just because the sexes are equal doesn’t mean they’re the same. Men find more success in some fields while women find more success in others — sometimes become one sex is more attracted to a particular kind of work, other times because a particular industry has greater demand for one over the other. And why women fare better in modeling is not exactly a mystery.

In a sane society, equal rights and equal opportunities should be enough to make everyone happy. But this story should remind liberals that if they insist on their mad pursuit for equal outcome as well, the implications cut both ways, and would only ensure the equal distribution of headaches.