Liberal Hypocrisy on Green Energy vs Oil Brilliantly Exposed


Robert Gehl reports there’s some great news about fracking and its impact on local water supplies – but researchers are trying to hide it from you.

It turns out there’s absolutely zero evidence that fracking contaminates drinking water. But the researchers who discovered this were hoping to keep that a secret.

Why? Because the group funding the research at the University of Cincinnati are opposed to fracking and were hoping the study would prove how awful it was. Amy Townsend-Small explained “I’m really sad to say this, but our funders, the groups that had given us funding in the past, were a little disappointed in our results. They feel that fracking is scary and so they were hoping our data could point to a reason to ban it.”

What’s amazing isn’t necessarily that the backers would want to keep the results a secret, but that a public institution like the University of Cincinnati would go along with it is astounding. It’s scientific censorship.

Fracking has created thousands of jobs and opened up a whole new field of energy exploration. Newsweek reports that thanks to the energy boom led by fracking, it has reduced the price of energy so much that the average American household now has an extra $1,200 per year in their pocket.

Fracking for natural gas is also a cheaper and cleaner alternative to burning coal.

But none of this would matter if it turned out fracking contaminated drinking water. That’s why the report out of the University of Cincinnati is such good news. And that’s why the liberal ideologues funding the study want it quashed.

Here’s the video of Dr. Townsend-Small’s presentation at a Carroll County Concerned Citizens meeting. In it, she states “We haven’t seen anything to show that wells have been contaminated by fracking.”

It’s pretty amazing that she admitted this. She must have tenure, or she’d likely be out on her ass.