Liberal Hypocrisy on Rich People Paying More Taxes Brutally Exposed

Varney Obliterates Liberals Like Soros Who Tell Americans to Pay More in Taxes
Earlier this month, over 400 American millionaires and billionaires including a number of famous names — including notorious leftist financier George Soros — signed a letter to Congress opposing any effort by Republicans to cut taxes.

Market Watch reports on the contents and origins of the letter:

“We urge you to oppose any legislation that further exacerbates inequality,” the letter states. “Tax reform should be, at a minimum, revenue neutral — without using gimmicks like dynamic scoring. We are deeply concerned that revenue loss would lead to deep cuts in critical services such as education, Medicare and Medicaid, and would hamper our nation’s ability to restore investments in our people and communities.”

The letter was penned by Responsible Wealth, a liberal organization that worked with Voices for Progress in an effort to rally the wealthiest 5% against President Donald Trump’s tax plan […]

Specifically, Responsible Wealth slams Congress for trying to repeal the estate tax, which would only benefit those in line for a big inheritance.

“Repealing the estate tax alone would lose an estimated $269 billion over 10 years — more than we would spend on the Food and Drug Administration, Centers for Disease Control, and Environmental Protection Agency combined,” the letter stated […]

“We call on Congress to raise our taxes to bring in additional much-needed revenue and to restore investments to vital services,” it said. “Doing so will help create jobs, strengthen the middle class, and ensure America’s economic success.”

You can read the whole letter for yourself by clicking here.

Fortunately, today Fox News economic analyst Stuart Varney went on TV and delivered the perfect rebuttal, which you can watch for yourself right here:

Here’s how Varney explained why this posturing is anything but the self-sacrificing compassion the letter’s signatories are pretending to embody:

[I]f you’re rich, you’re wealthy, and you want to pay more to the government in taxes, write the check. Nobody is stopping you whatsoever. There’s no law against it. Of course you do. The United States treasury, x-number of dollars. Here you go. You can do it in a heartbeat. There’s no law against it. But the real thing here is they’re misleading you. These are wealthy people that are sitting on wealth. That might be what? $5million worth of stock, or they own a company. That wealth is not taxed. We don’t tax wealth in America. We tax income. While these rich folks are saying is, hey, you up-and-comers, you income earners, you pay more. We don’t have to pay any more. They’re saying, no, we’re not going to come along and have 20% of our 5 million bucks taking office. We don’t do that. They are saying you. You income earners. You strivers. You people trying to climb the food change. You pay more. That’s gross hypocrisy, it’s misleading from what they’re saying let’s all pay more in taxes, it’s just not right.

Well said. This is the same old bait-and-switch liberals always pull: pretend that tax cuts are solely about the most well-off in the country, scream bloody murder about greed, and use the resulting guilt trip as a pretext to deny tax cuts to everyone below the rich. Let’s hope it doesn’t work this time.

Hat tip: Grabien