Liberal Icon Jackie Speier’s Hypocrisy on “Women” And “Feminism” Brutally Exposed

Representative Jackie Speier will testify on Tuesday about what she’s doing to fight sexual harassment in the Capitol.

“The Congress of the United States should be the one work environment where people are treated with respect,” Speier told The New York Times. “And frankly, it’s just the opposite. It’s probably among the worst.”

Yet Speier employed Imran Awan as a staffer, and four women have come forward in the last two years to reveal Awan’s disgusting history of abuse.

Imran Awan’s wife, Hina Alvi, filed accusations of fraud against him. According to court records, Alvi says her husband “threatened the complainant of dire consequences, he also threatened to harm the lives of family of the complainant if she intervenes.”

Former chair of the Democratic National Committee Wasserman Schultz, however, says charges against Awan are being exaggerated due to Islamaphobia, according to the Daily Caller.

Several other Democrats have rushed to defend Awan, despite multiple accusations of abuse and manipulation.

The Daily Caller reports:

Alvi and Awan worked together in Speier’s office. The congresswoman employed Alvi for a decade, and also paid her husband Awan over the last two years. However, Speier has declined to criticize Awan.

In the lawsuit, Alvi objected to discovering that Awan simultaneously had a second wife, Sumaira Siddique. In a police report, Siddique said she felt not like a wife, but like a slave.

Siddique called Fairfax County, Va., police in July 2016 and said “her boyfriend treat her bad and keep her there like a slave,” according to a police report. She “wants him out of her life. Ms. Siddiqui wanted info on how to obtain a restraining order against him,” the report said. It was not the first time she called police on Awan; a few months prior, she called police, who responded and observed a “cut on [her] stomach and arm.”

Alvi’s lawsuit, filed in their native Pakistan, said, “He [Awan] further said furiously that the complainant has no right or power to restrain him from second and even third marriage.” Indeed, a third woman, Salam Chaudhry, who lived in the same apartment complex as Siddiqui and was apparently having a relationship with Awan, also called police on the Democratic staffer in December 2015.

Salam Chaudhry said “Imran Awan was not supposed to live there and she wanted him to leave,” according to the police report.

Besides Awan’s insistence that his wife has no right to prevent him from taking as many wives as he wants while treating them like property, multiple police reports suggest a history of abuse.

Salam Chaudhry, another woman Awan was having a relationship with, called police who later noted cuts on her stomach and arm and blood on Awan’s hands.

Awan’s stepmother came forward as well to say Awan was furious at her when she called the police, and threatened to “kidnap” her and her family.

He even claimed that he’d installed devices in her house and listened to her phone conversations.

The Daily Caller continues:

A fourth woman, Awan’s stepmother Samina Gilani, said Awan kept her “captive” in her house, monitoring her with electronic devices. A lawsuit (page 22) says:

Imran Awan showed up and threatened me for calling the police. Mr Shahid Imran Awan threatened that he is very powerful and if I ever call the police against Mr Shahid Imran Awan will do harm to me and my family embers back in Pakistan and one of my cousins here in Baltimore. Mr Shahid Imran Awan threatened that he has power to kidnap my family members back in Pakistan. Shahid Imran Awan did admit to me that my phone is taped and there are devices installed in my house to listen my all conversations … Imran Awan introduces himself someone from US congress or someone from Federal Agencies … In Pakistan Mr Shahid Imran Awan manages to have police mobile based on his position in US congress of Federal Agencies to escort him during his visit to Pakistan.

Anyone who excuses any of the charges against Awan (which include bank fraud) as “Islamophobia” clearly has no understanding of what kind of a man he is. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who also employed Awan, ignore his victims and excuse his abuse.

According to the Daily Caller, Speier fired Awan “when they could no longer perform their duties as IT aides.” and “has not offered any words on the situation, and her spokesperson Tracy Manzer has given no response to multiple requests for comment by The Daily Caller News Foundation over the last two months.”