Liberal Lunacy On Gender Equality Summed Up in Three Tweets

Regan Pifer reports that Linda Sarsour. Organizer of the Women’s March on Washington, Anti-Trump activist (calling ‘jihad’ against President Trump), radical feminist, and all around horrible human being.

Momentarily, Sarsour shifted her attacks on Trump, traditional families, and American values to the victims of Hurricane Harvey (I told you she was a horrible human).

How did she do this? With a tweet.

According to Fox News Insider:

Sarsour wrote “Donate to the Harvey Hurricane (sic) relief fund” and linked to a fundraising page for the Texas Organizing Project Education Fund, a political action organization.

Mollie Hemingway said the organization’s chief priorities are not disaster relief but instead advancing political goals through election through traditional political organizing.

“They gave all of their funds to electing Hillary Clinton,” she said.

Because raising funds for liberal politicians will help those starving, homeless Harvey victims.

How is it possible for Sarsour to sleep at night?

Thankfully, many were smart enough to see through Sarsour’s scheme and responded to her tweet:

Grifting money away from hurricane victims is about as low as someone can get. @Twitter needs to step in.

Wow. Framing donations to an inherently political organization [] under the guise of disaster relief is pretty awful.

This is a political PAC not #Harvey relief. You’re literally stealing money from these people.

Linda learned from Hillary and her Haiti $$$ theft! No other reason to donate to a PAC. Disgusting.

Donate to @RedCross. Know where your money is going.

And, one of my favorites, tweeted by @JammieWF, “This isn’t hurricane relief. It’s a political fund. But what do you expect from this terrorist sympathizer?”

But this isn’t the first time Linda Sarsour has been caught in this sort of activity.

According to Breitbart, she pulled a similar stunt this July.

Brooklyn Democrat Dov Hikind demanded Tuesday that Palestinian-American anti-Trump activist Linda Sarsour account for $100,000 that she helped raise for a Jewish cemetery that needs repair, but which says it has not received the money…

…The fundraising effort was a response to a widely-reported wave of antisemitic attacks after Donald Trump’s victory in the 2016 presidential elections. Most of the attacks turned out to be hoaxes, but the anti-Trump movement sought to make maximum political use of the story. In that context, Sarsour and other activists set a goal of raising $20,000 from the Muslim community for the repair of Jewish cemeteries that had been vandalized, and exceeded their goal.

After that incident, New York State Assemblyman called out Sarsour as a “fraud” “speaking out both sides of her mouth” who “glorifies terrorists.”

Our feelings exactly.

Hurricane Harvey was too devastating to flippantly donate your money to organizations without doing your research.

Do not donate to Organize Texas…or any other organization Linda Sarsour recommends.

Instead, send your money to organization’s whose founding mission “prevents and alleviates human suffering in the face of emergencies by mobilizing the power of volunteers and the generosity of donors”.

I recommend the Red Cross but use your own judgment… not Sarsour’s.