Liberal Woman Claims Assault After Being ‘Offended’ by Confederate Flag Rug

It must be winter–because there are snowflakes everywhere.

This is nothing new. Liberals are easily offended. They hide in their safe spaces. Read their liberal new media. Buy their chemical-free, cage-free, cruelty-free, toxin-free, fat-free foods at the local farmer’s market.

And, when one happens to lose their way and leave the bubble, their feelings get hurt.

Oftentimes, nothing actually happens to these Subaru-loving people, but when you’re a snowflake, anything can affect your composure.

Enter the snowflakiest of them all: Heather Franklin of Portland, Oregon. 

According to The Blaze:

Heather Franklin of Portland, Oregon, filmed herself confronting employees of a rug store on Wednesday because she was offended by Confederate flags that were hanging for sale on the store’s wall.

“You don’t care about having hate flags on your wall?” Franklin asked, approaching store employees as she filmed. “It’s a symbol of slavery, it’s like having a swastika on your wall.”

A man that Franklin zeroed in on responded and told the woman to learn history, denying that the Confederate flag — in this case, rug — was a hate symbol.

“How is that a hate symbol?” he asked. “You should read your history.”

After she was asked to leave the store, she continued to film from the parking lot. 

As she filmed, two of the men she spoke with in the store also exited and when she saw them, she began screaming, “Let me leave! Don’t come any closer!”

On the video, Franklin can be heard saying that she was trying to leave and insinuated that the men were preventing her doing so. However, the men never actually approached her — according to her video — despite her pleas for them to leave her alone.

When another woman in the parking lot approached Franklin to see if she required assistance, Franklin insisted that one of the men attacked her in the store.

“I’m not [OK],” she cried, “he just attacked me in the store!”

No attack was caught on camera.

Was Franklin attacked? Or, let me rephrase: was Heather Franklin attacked in the store? Wait, let me add more: was Heather Franklin attacked in the middle of the day in a store with other customers present…by individuals whose only crime (according to Franklin’s film) was asking her to leave?

No, she was not attacked. She simply left her snowflake safe space.

Go back to your snow globe, Heather.