Liberals Back Kickstarter Book Project To Indoctrinate Your Kids

Leftists are funding a fairy-tale children’s book about a United States president who united a country, solved the nation’s problems, healed our wounds and established a paradise on earth.

In “Our President Was Called Barack,” these starry-eyed liberals are trying to brainwash children into thinking ex-President Obama was such a sanctified figure that all other presidents – especially the current one – cower in his shadow.

Or something.

I don’t really know, because the video for the Kickstarter campaign to publish the book is so nauseating, it’s hard to get through.

But they seem to have done it. Their goal was $25,000 and they’re a few thousand beyond that. With that money, they plan to print 1,000 copies of the book. With just over 800 backers, everyone gets a copy with some left over for your favorite daycare center.

And no – 1,000 books is barely enough for a single bookstore and 805 supporters is not a wave of support for childish tripe.

Still, it’s stunning that rich liberals have enough money to throw away to fund a cartoon book filled with make-believe.

It’s $25 for the book, but without really knowing, I’m guessing a single backer pitched in several thousand to help them get to 25 grand.

In fact, they reached their $25,000 goal so fast, they have what they call a “Stretch Goal” of $40,000. If they reach that, every person who pledges a little more will get a full-color poster of the book.

The creators of the book say that President Trump is an embarrassment and they wanted to make a book showing a president children could be proud of. Author Laura Olin writes:

I keep thinking about my nephews and kids like them. What will the next few years teach kids about America and what it stands for? What will they learn from the current U.S. president about how to treat other people?

Let’s make sure kids know the story of a president who represented the best of us, and who showed us what we can do when we all work together for change.

They claim Obama knew that “everyone is important,” (and not just wealthy donors like George Soros, I imagine) and that “change starts with them” or something.

Not sold yet. But wait, there’s more!

If you order now, they’ll include a “coloring pack” with … well, let’s let the starry-eyed creators do the talking:

Exclusive to Kickstarter: A coloring pack featuring original illustrations of Michelle Obama, Joe Biden, and Bo the dog alongside motivational messages (and barking; Bo can’t really talk). Color one in with your favorite shades and put it on your fridge or next to your desk for a little daily inspiration.

And yes, that’s Michelle Obama and their dog “Bo” in the posters!

Not enough for you? They’ll email you a pdf mini-poster of “70 Ways to Change the World.” And yes, it’s pink.

Olin worked for the Obama campaign in 2012. In fact, she was the person behind the @BarackObama Twitter handle during the campaign.

Lest you think this is some noble, charitable venture and Olin plans to donate any profits to charity, think again. She’s got a 12% “buffer” budgeted, which means she’s likely already made a few grand from this silliness.