Liberals Compare Trump’s Private Security To Hitler’s SS


The Leftists over at Salon recently compared President-elect Donald Trump’s private security, which he undoubtedly needs in part thanks to unhinged Leftists, to Hitler’s SS.

The Daily Caller reported:

Just a day after comparing supporters of President-elect Donald Trump to Nazi fanatics, leftist Salon magazine is now drawing parallels between Trump’s private security — or “goon squad,” as Salon puts it — and the SS, Adolf Hitler’s infamous paramilitary force that was cited as a criminal organization by the Allies after the Second World War.

The article was entitled “Donald Trump’s goon squad: as president Donald Trump will maintain private security force to crack down on protest,” and it was a summary of a Politico report on Trump’s use of private security at his rallies.

“There are historical parallels that make people very uncomfortable… We now have Trump supporters hurling the Nazi word Lügenpresse (German for ‘lying press’) at the media at rallies, with Newt Gingrich giving seminars on how to smooth out the rough edges of the fascist rhetoric so Americans can feel comfortable only believing what they’re told by their own leadership,” Heather Digby Parton of Salon wrote on Tuesday.

“This private security service, and its function as a suppressor of dissent is reminiscent of the same period,” she continued. “Obviously, it’s nothing like what the SS later became, but its origins are similar enough to make one feel nervous.”

Parton worried that Trump would be “bringing down the hammer on dissent. Where the Secret Service concentrates on keeping the president safe, these ‘special bodyguards’ concentrate on protesters.”

The hysteria continued as Parton wrote: “But what makes people nervous about this arrangement is the idea of a political leader having his own security guards and a growing group of fanatical followers who are being worked up and fed propaganda by the president — who happens to be a demagogue.”

Speaking of “demagogue,” defines a demagogue as “a person, especially an orator or political leader, who gains power and popularity by arousing the emotions, passions, and prejudices of the people.”

Gee, that sounds a lot like President Obama and his campaigns, don’t you think? Funny how the Left didn’t label him as such…

In Parton’s imagined world, Trump may begin “telling his crowds that the CIA is plotting against him or that authoritarian policies are necessary to fight whatever enemies he decides are keeping America from being great again.”

Since Parton brought up the “lying press,” where’s the concern about how the mainstream media served as an arm of the Democrat Party — the party that rigged the primary against Sen. Bernie Sanders and in favor of Hillary Clinton?

The Daily Caller hit on the hypocrisy:

Keith Schiller, Trump’s security chief, was also maligned as a “full-blown conspiracy theorist” because he criticized some of the highly questionable donations received by the Hillary Clinton campaign and accused President Barack Obama of encouraging illegals to vote.

While the Left has to make up fantasy-land scenarios to stir up hysteria against a candidate they don’t like, their own candidates have their own very real horror stories to delve into — but Leftists in the media just look the other way.