Liberals Melt Down Over Seinfeld’s Support For Israel’s Anti-Terror Efforts

How demented are leftists? This demented.

The Israeli newspaper Haaretz reports that during a recent visit to Israel, beloved American comedian Jerry Seinfeld and his family visited the Caliber 3 Israeli Counter Terror and Security Academy, which on top of its titular training offers programs to give visiting tourists a general idea of the Israeli defense training experience.

For $115 per adult and $85 per child, you can get “a simulation of a suicide bombing in a Jerusalem marketplace, immediately followed by a stabbing attack, a live demonstration with attack dogs and a sniper tournament.” According to a Facebook post from Caliber 3 (complete with pictures), the Seinfelds partook in “shooting training with displays of combat, Krav Maga, assault dogs and lots of Zionism. It was great.”

Seinfeld, who is Jewish, also performed his comedy routine during the trip, appearing at Menorah Mavtichim Arena in Tel Aviv on December 30.

To most sane people, this sounds like a perfectly innocent experience, if a little more hardcore than one would normally expect during a family vacation. But the folks at the far-left website Common Dreams have no time to waste on nonsense like sanity.

There, Jon Queally writes that the camp is “located inside an illegal Israeli settlement in the Occupied West Bank,” an “Israeli settlement deemed illegal under international law.” Accordingly, Seinfeld’s trip was outrageously outrageous:

But while Caliber 3 thought the visit “was great,” the reaction was quite the opposite among supporters of Palestinian rights and those concerned that such a facility promotes the militarized occupation and political subjugation of the Palestinian people who live in the West Bank and Gaza:

“Israel’s disregard for human life at the hands of the IDF”? “Indoctrinating young children to murder Palestinians and steal land”? “Suicidebomber theme park”? One scarcely knows where to begin with this dreck.

On the point that something dubbed a “terror fantasy camp” is trivializing a very grave real-world matter, quite the contrary. Where most of us here in America understand the Israeli-Palestinian conflict solely through TV, books, and the Internet, those who go to Caliber 3 are getting an up-close look at what it’s really like, as presented by men and women who live it every day. I never got into Jerry Seinfeld’s comedy and don’t know anything about his politics, but something tells me he takes this particular issue much more seriously than the average Common Dreams reader or writer.

This level of fringe Israel-hatred is, sadly, beyond the powers of any single blog article to cure, but the facts are available for anyone willing to pursue them — like, for instance, that Israel is fighting a defense war and takes great pains to avoid civilian casualties (a fact Hamas shamelessly exploits, putting their own people in harm’s way for the express purpose of generating talking points like the ones above).

Or that Israel treats Muslims within its borders vastly more humanely and equally than any Muslim country treats Jews within its own.

Or that Israel has repeatedly offered the Palestinians land and statehood over the years in the name of peace, in vain.

Or that if the above tweeters were sincerely concerned about indoctrinating young children, their ire would be directed toward the following charming television shows:

Take, for instance, “Pioneers of Tomorrow,” with its fluffy talking bee who encourages viewers to “throw stones” at Jews, and a pretty young host who, in one episode, praises a little girl for her desire to be a police officer and “shoot Jews.” Or consider the show’s transformation, some years ago, of Mickey Mouse, into an Islamic supremacist character named Farfour. When international protests erupted, producers gave Farfour an honorary farewell: in his final episode, he is “martyred” by Israelis.

For years, reports have emerged of children’s programming in the Palestinian Territories, mostly on Hamas-run Al-Aqsa TV, whose shows often teach Palestinian children not just to hate Americans and Jews, but to kill them –preferably through acts of martyrdom, or suicide bombings.

But sure, Jerry Seinfeld is the problem.