Where Liberals Who Want Gun Control Should Go Right Now

Seth Connell reports that Chicago has a certain level of notoriety for the simply shocking rate of murder and gun crimes in the city, but one must always be sure to provide the caveat that most of the crime is highly concentrated even within the city. There are some very safe areas of Chicago, then some very, very bad ones. This considered though, Chicago does not have the highest rate of gun homicides; Baltimore, Maryland does.

According to the site HeyJackass!, which documents the crime rates in various parts of Chicago, a total of 503 have been shot and killed. Another 2,425 have been shot and wounded, with a total of 2,2928 shot so far this year. Total homicides now number at 540.

Keep in mind that Chicago has about 2.7 million residents. The gun homicide rate is at approximately 18 per 100,000 people. That’s well over the national average of 3.5 per 100,000 according to the CDC statistics for 2014.

According to The Daily Caller, Baltimore, the city of 621,000 residents currently has 275 gun homicides so far this year. That puts the gun homicide rate at an astounding 44 per 100,000, more than twice that of Chicago, despite the fact that Baltimore is a fraction of the size.

The city — which is another Democratic stronghold — set a homicide record back in 1992, when there were 100,000 more residents. That year, there were 262 homicides according to the Baltimore Sun.

The city has had five months with at least 30 murders in those months. The Sun notes that between 2008 and 2014, no month ever had more than 30 murders.

Baltimore’s leaders said they plan to stick with their earlier plan for tackling the violence, believing it will ultimately bring the homicide rate down.

Mayor Catherine Pugh said the strategy involves working with police to get more officers out on the streets in the short term and creating more educational and economic opportunities for city residents in the long term.

“With all of that, I believe that time will tell the story that Baltimore’s violence has been reduced,” Pugh said.

Despite this, the crime rates in Maryland’s biggest city continue to skyrocket at alarming rates. Making the job of reducing the crime rate even more difficult is the fact that the Baltimore Police Department has had an alarming number of misconduct cases reported, leading many cases to be thrown out because of tainted evidence.

I have reported on several incidents where Baltimore Police officers are busted on their own body cameras planting evidence, then leaving the area for a short time; only a few minutes later, they claim to have “found” drugs in the location where they planted the evidence.

Many innocent people have been arrested on drug charges because of their planted evidence.

The Daily Caller notes that eight officers have been implicated in misconduct investigations, where evidence is falsified. Because of that, State Attorney Marilyn Mosby (yes, that Marilyn Mosby) has had to throw out more than 100 cases connected to those officers, and her office is in the process of reviewing about 850 more.

Because of the department’s systemic misconduct, many investigations are tossed, and actual criminals are put back into communities where they continue to commit violent crimes, this time with impunity because of officials’ idiocy.

Just like many other Democratic strongholds, the driving force behind much of this societal breakdown lies with those who claim to be the most active proponents of their community, the ones who continuously try to expand the scope of the abysmal welfare state, set up more abortion mills in their cities, and who advocate for policies that prevent the good people from stopping the violent crime that does exist.

It’s a cycle of lunacy that will continue for the foreseeable future. It will only end when these locations collapse in on themselves, and then have a total reset.