Libs Prayed For Irma to Destroy Trump Properties; Here’s What Happened…

In just the latest of a long line of examples of leftists being unable to hide that they’re simply awful people, the past few weeks have seen social media light up with deranged wishes that Hurricane Irma would destroy buildings in its path owned by President Donald Trump. Alas, it turns out that wishing for senseless destruction doesn’t make it so.

At Western Journalism, Randy DeSoto reports that Trump’s Chateau des Palmiers estate on the Caribbean island of St. Martin emerged from the storm “with hardly a single roof tile lost,” in the words of USA Today.

The Trump Organization is still assessing the damage to its Florida properties.

Prior to the storm, Mar-a-Lago Club and Trump International Golf Club in Palm Beach, as well as Trump National Golf Club in Jupiter, were all closed, while Trump National Doral was urging those holding reservations to make alternative plans.

Calls to Mar-a-Lago and the Palm Beach properties by Western Journalism went unanswered on Wednesday, while the Jupiter location had reopened.

Additionally, Trump National Doral confirmed the property was open for business with limited services, including hotel rooms and some on-property dining, though the golf course and spa remained closed.

Tragically, Chateau des Palmiers was the exception, as the Category-5 Irma destroyed 95 percent of the rest of St. Martin island during the September 6 disaster.

One strains to recall examples of any noticeable number of conservatives filling social media with wishes that liberals or Democrats endure physical harm, death, or property damage, yet this sort of thing is disturbingly common from the Left whenever a prominent figure on the Right suffers a tragedy or even the possibility of loss from a natural disaster.

Coincidence? We don’t think so.

Hat tip: Young Conservatives