Look What 200 Protesters Just Did on Trump’s Golf Course [Picture]

Approximately 200 leftist radicals used their bodies to form the word “RESIST” on the lawn of a public park situated at President Donald Trump’s Rancho Palos Verdes golf course Saturday.

Part of a group of morons who call themselves “Indivisible San Pedro,” the radicals spent 15 minutes forming the 30-foot-tall letters, after which they sang “God Bless America,” as reported by the Los Angeles Times.

What was the purpose of this stupid stunt? To “resist” the president, obviously, and also “demand the appointment of a special prosecutor to investigate the issue of Russian involvement in last year’s presidential election and the release of Trump’s tax returns.”

“It’s too hard to spell out ‘Release your taxes,'” remarked Peter M. Warren, a retired Times‘ reporter who is a part of this insufferable group. “It was just a way to express our love for the country.”

Well, since they clearly didn’t engage in any violence, I suppose what they did is okay — though still stupid and petulant.

Take a look at a picture from the scene below:

The same could not be said of other protesters.

According to the New York Post, last Tuesday two suspects snuck into the president’s Bronx-based Trump Golf Links at Ferry Point Golf Course and used a chainsaw to cut down some innocent trees.

Though the authorities have been unable to confirm that the cuts were motivated by animosity against Trump, I suspect with great confidence that they were.

In fact, I would bet my bank account that the cuts were made by the same sorts of leftist lunatics who believe in man-made climate change, ironically enough.


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The fact is that an inexplicable hatred has taken over the hearts of many liberals, turning them into rabid protesters and rioters practically foaming at the mouth.

While the protesters at Rancho Palos Verdes’ course seemed peaceful enough, a part of me wonders what animistic animosity lies hidden in the depths of their hearts — and just how far would they be willing to go to “resist” our president?

It makes one wonder …