Look Who Just Interrupted The White House Press Briefing

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer has a tough job to do getting in front of the liberal mainstream media vipers day in and day out, so it’s nice to see that apparently, should he need it, he’s got some backup.

The New England Patriots were in town on Wednesday to celebrate their Super Bowl win this year, and tight end Rob Gronkowski decided to crash the daily press briefing.

In a hilarious moment that lightened the ever-present tension in the room, Gronkowski peeked in and asked if Spicer needed any help.

Take a look:

Spicer turned and said, “I think I got this, but thank you.”

Gronk asked, “you sure?”

“Uh, maybe. Alright thanks man, I’ll see you in a minute,” Spicer said.

After laughter from the press, Spicer himself chuckled and said, “alright, that was cool,” which elicited even more laughter.

Actually, Spicer might want to take Gronk up on his offer — the press might be a little more respectful. For a minute.

H/T The Sean Hannity Show