“Low Energy” Jeb Slams Trump as “Exhausting”; Backfires BIG TIME

You don’t have to be a Donald Trump fan to thank God the Republican Party didn’t nominate Jeb Bush for president instead.

The Daily Caller reports that the former Florida Governor did an interview with (of course) Univision in which he gave a telling one-word assessment of President Trump’s first 200 days: “exhausting.”

“It’s exhausting. I mean it’s an incomplete grade in the sense that not much has been done,” Bush said. “But it feels like the whole world has been turned upside down. He’s created controversy where there is no need for it. He should lead. All of this tweeting and the pushing down people to make himself look better is not helping.”

Bush added that major world events are coming into the spotlight, but Trump has not yet dealt with any of them.

“In the world, he has not dealt with a major crisis yet, but there are three or four brewing,” Bush said. “I hope and pray for him and his family and I pray for my country and I hope that he assumes the mantle of leadership that he has not yet done.”

Good grief, where to begin?

First, one has to marvel at the tone-deafness here. Complaining about exhaustion when the target of your derision infamously labeled you “low-energy” — and the label stuck? Apparently it didn’t occur to him that if he’s tuckered out from simply watching the president, that doesn’t exactly inspire confidence in how he’d have fared actually being president.

Second, there’s another level of tone-deafness to bashing Trump on the notoriously pro-amnesty Univision. Given Bush’s own pro-amnesty sympathies and immigration being perhaps the biggest point of contention between Trump and the Republican establishment, palling around with Univision only helps reinforce suspicions that this isn’t about substantive problems with the president, but simply the latest volley in petty hostilities.

Third, the substance of Bush’s critique isn’t exactly impressive. There are certainly legitimate areas of criticism, but instead of discussing any of them Bush simply complains about the tweeting (how original), pretends Trump hasn’t accomplished anything of significance, and in essence blames Trump for not yet solving foreign policy problems that are either still developing and therefore Trump’s handling can’t yet be assessed, or have been running so long that the past three or four presidents (two of whom Jeb is related to, by the way) haven’t solved them.

As could be expected, Bush’s comments got a lot of feedback on Twitter:

Personally, this interview has me breathing a sigh of relief that America has been spared a third President Bush. What do you think?