LUNATICS: Huffington Post Explains What a “White Hispanic” Is


In the wake of the airport shooting in Fort Lauderdale that left five people dead and several others wounded, the media decided to refer to the shooter, Esteban Santiago, as a “white Hispanic.” In response, The Huffington Post decided to publish a condescending article to “explain” what “white Hispanic” means — which, once again, missed the point entirely.

HuffPo decided to call out some of the right-wing sites that pointed out the obvious — that the mainstream media likes to call Hispanics “white” when they do something bad, but not so much when the story is positive.

According to the liberal rag, that must be because conservatives just don’t know what “white Hispanic” means, so they decided to explain the term:

These folks are apparently unaware of the nuances of Hispanic identity. The U.S. Census Bureau defines Hispanic/Latino as referring to “a person of Cuban, Mexican, Puerto Rican, South or Central American, or other Spanish culture or origin regardless of race.”

They key words here are regardless of race. In fact, Hispanics can be white, black, Asian, or multiracial. That’s because the term “Hispanic,” like “Latino,” refers to an ethnicity, not a race. And a majority of Hispanics actually self-identify as white. According to the 2010 U.S. Census, 53 percent of Hispanics chose “white “ as their race, while 36 percent chose “some other race.”

No, it looks like the author is unaware of the nuances of media coverage and the racism they and their Leftist cronies have pushed onto society.

Unsurprisingly, the Leftist author either missed the point himself under the fog of indoctrination, or knows exactly what he is doing.

The point is simple — many of us are well aware of what white Hispanic means, and are also well aware of why the term is used selectively as race and ethnicity often are in this world of rampant identity politics and the culture of victimhood.

How about this “nuance” from The Daily Caller, which explained how government statistics are manipulated to inflate crime statistics committed by whites:

The Bureau of Prisons, for example, has relatively up-to-date statistics on the racial and ethnic composition of prisoners. As of May 28, 2016, 58.8 percent of federal prisoners are white, 37.7 percent are black, 2 percent are Native American, and 1.5 percent are Asian. Hispanics are not included in the race statistics, and the category only appears under ethnicity.

The data there shows that 66.2 percent of federal prisoners are non-Hispanic and 33.8 percent are Hispanic. According to Census Bureau estimates from 2015, 87.6 percent of people of Hispanic origin consider themselves “white” instead of “black,” “Asian,” “American Indian,” or “Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander.”

This means an estimated 29.6 percent of federal prisoners are Hispanics who fall under the category of “white” when it comes to race. So while whites are identified as being 58.8 percent of federal prisoners, about half of those are Hispanic.

HuffPo concluded:

Whether Esteban Santiago is white or any other race should not matter so much as understanding what happened in Fort Lauderdale and why. In the wake of a tragedy, we should be searching for facts and answers – not online enemies and media conspiracies.

Sure, let’s chat about Santiago’s reported ties to Islam years before he enlisted in the military.

Let’s also have a chit chat about how the Left has made everything about race and when it comes back to bite them in the butt, as it has here, suddenly leftists whine about having to lie in the bed they made.