Leftist Student Could Face FELONY For Stealing Fellow Student’s MAGA Hat

A college student who ripped the “MAGA” hat off another student and demanded he be punished for it could herself be facing felony charges for the incident. Looks like being a thief isn’t something all Leftists can get away with.

Edith Macias, a student at the University of California at Riverside tore the “Make America Great Again” hat off of Matthew Vitale’s head on Sept. 27, as seen in a video he captured.

In the nearly ten-minute-long video – obtained by Campus Reform, you can see that Macias goes to campus officials and demand that Vitale be punished for wearing the hat. All the while, Vitale is just pleading for the return of his property.

“So this guy thought it would be a good idea to go into a conference wearing this f***ing hat,” Macias states as she walks into the Student Life department at the school. “Look at the kind of sh*t he’s wearing, You know what this represents? This represents genocide — genocide of a bunch of people.”

Vitale then tries to explain that “you do not get to take other people’s property that is legally theirs in this country,” to which the unidentified thief replies, “man, f*** your laws.”

“Do you have any f***ing conscience?” she goes on to ask, questioning why Vitale would dare to wear a MAGA hat on campus and telling him that his “f***ing freedom of speech is genocide, homeboy.”

“Y’all are just gonna mediate this and make it so like, ‘Oh, we’re all OK here. Freedom of speech.’ Whatever. How about we actually think about what’s going on?” Macias says to school officials while holding Vitale’s hat. “I f***ing hate this country. I hate it, and I’m not leaving. I’m staying here because there’s sh*t that needs to be fixed here … We need to get rid of all y’all … You’re so lucky we’re in a university.”

“Are you people not going to do anything? She is stealing my property,” Vitale says at one point.

“He’s recording me like I’m the criminal here! Oh, because ‘you stole’ this property. Y’all stole this land! Your ancestors stole this land, motherf**er,” the thief adds.

This all goes on for so long that eventually, after Vitale gets his hat back and Macias tries to leave, she is met by two campus police officers. “Really, y’all?” she yells at the cops.

California law defines second-degree felony robbery as “taking of personal property in the possession of another, from his person or immediate presence, and against his will, accomplished by means of force or fear.” Penalties range from probation to five years in prison.

Vitale, a member of the Campus Republicans, told Fox News said he initially wasn’t planning on pressing charges, but when told she could face a felony, he’s rethinking his decision.

“Honestly, this isn’t me trying to get revenge on her,” he said. “This is just me trying to say, ‘Look, behavior like this is not tolerated in this country.”

“I very strongly believe that if she had been wearing a Malcom X cap or a pro-abortion cap, and I had snatched it off her head and ran down to student life and turned her in and demanded that she be kept from wearing that hat, I very firmly believe that I would be sitting in jail right now,” Vitale said in another interview, with the Larry Elder Show.

After the incident, Macias’ leftist comrades posted a petition demanding that the university pay Macias’ rent, grant her amnesty from legal or disciplinary action, cover her legal fees, condemn ‘white supremacist violence’, and support a “sanctuary campus.”

So far, the school has stood by Vitale, but spoke of a “balance” with respect to Freedom of Speech – whatever that means.

“The university stands very strongly for free speech and its protections, and for a congenial dialogue on campus,” university spokesman John Warren told Fox. “The students on our campus have used this episode to affirm their support for free expression, and a productive exchange of ideas.”

What do you think? Should Vitale pursue charges or take sympathy on the leftist student? Sound off below!

H/T: The Daily Mail