Major Conservative Talk Show Host Assaulted

Conservative radio host Michael Savage was reportedly dining at a California restaurant with his 12-year-old dog on Tuesday when a man allegedly assaulted him.

Savage, 74, hosts the nationally syndicated and wildly popular “Savage Nation” program that reaches around 10 million people per week. He has been dubbed the “godfather of Trumpmania,” and Trump himself apparently noted that he couldn’t have won the election without his support during a dinner last month at Mar-A-Lago.

According to Savage, the man knew who he was and seemed to have a “beef” with him. The man allegedly taunted Savage, calling him “weener weener” at the Servino Ristorante in Tiburon — a likely reference to his legal name, Michael Alan Weiner.

Gee, how clever …

Apparently Savage tried to exit the restaurant when the taunts allegedly escalated to physical assault. Savage’s attorney, David Horowitz, claimed that the man knocked his client to the ground and even shoved his pet dog.

The U.K. Daily Mail reported:

When another diner tried to step in between the brawlers, he was punched in the face, Horowitz told the Mercury News.

Savage’s beloved 12-year-old pooch also got shoved after getting caught in the middle of the scuffle.

The disturbance at the Italian restaurant at a shopping center on Main Street has been confirmed by the Tiburon Police Department.

When police officers arrived at the scene at around 8.25pm Tuesday, they found that Savage and his attacker had each placed the other under citizen’s arrest.

Both men accused one another of starting the scrap. After listening to Savage and the other man, officers let both go.

A report of the incident will be sent to the District Attorney’s Office, which will determine whether or not to file charges in the case.

Horowitz, Savage’s high-powered lawyer, said the popular right-wing radio presenter called him from the restaurant, sounding furious.

‘He said, “This guy can’t get away with that,”‘ the lawyer told the paper.

If it happened the way Savage is alleging, I hope the legal system does its job and the alleged attacker pays for his actions. This type of behavior cannot be tolerated, but sadly, given the left’s decision to ramp of hysteria and spew hatred, it’s not surprising.