Man Exposes Government Stupidity With This Hilarious Drivers License Photo

Wearing a colander on his head makes Sean Corbett look really stupid.

Still, that didn’t stop him from conniving the Arizona DMV into taking his driver license photo wearing the pasta strainer.

At first, the state balked. But when Corbett told officials he was a “pastafarian,” and that that really wasn’t a pasta strainer on his head, but religious headgear – well, they must have felt they didn’t have any choice.

So there it is: Arizona nitwit Sean Michael Corbett’s driver license in all its glory.

But now that the word is out that the state fell for this nonsense, they’re taking action to void his license.

“Pastafarianism” is a mock religion satirizing all organized religions and religious belief systems, including creationism and “intelligent design.” Started in 2005 by an Oregon State University graduate student, the argument is that all religions are ridiculous, so why not have one that worships a “Flying Spaghetti Monster.” (There’s a whole Wikipedia Page on the fake religion, if you’re interested.)

Corbett wanted to get his driver license photo taken with the official headgear of his fake religion – and as someone who drives Uber and Lyft for a living, his license photo would be seen by just about anyone who asked.

So he went from one DMV office to another until he found one to take his picture.

“It’s kind of been a personal mission to keep pushing and not let the naysayers say I can’t,” Corbett told ABC 15 News.

So why did he insist on being photographed with the colander on his head? Because of his religion, sort of.

Corbett calls himself a “pastafarian,” who wears the item as part of his religious headgear.

Pastafarianism says the world was created 5,000 years ago by a Flying Spaghetti Monster. Corbett said, “If that sounds, well, a little hokey, it’s supposed to be.”

Most states require people to take their driver’s license photos free of headgear or other items, but exceptions are sometimes made for religious reasons. So that’s why Corbett feels he should be able to wear the pasta strainer in his photo.

However, a spokesman with the Arizona Department of Transportation told KNXV that while some exceptions are made for religious headwear, Corbett’s colander getup probably shouldn’t have been allowed, so the state is going to void the photo and driver’s license.

If that happens, Corbett says he’s prepared to wage a legal battle for the right to be photographed with kitchenware on his head.