Man Dares Cops to Use Their Weapons; BAD IDEA… [Video]

In another example of what happens when you don’t do what the police tell you to, a man shockingly burst into flames when he was tasered by police.

The footage was recorded on a police bodycam as an attempted arrest was made at the Place de la Nacion in Paris, France. The video has gone viral.

The man was acting extremely erratically and was goading one the police officers to go ahead and use his taser gun on him.

As the officer fires the stun gun, The Daily Mail reports, one of his colleagues sprays tear gas on the subject. The combination of the tear gas and the electric charge from the stun gun causes him to be set on fire temporarily.

Here’s the dramatic video.

In French, the shirtless suspect is shouting at police officers: “I feel like tasering your mother! Why don’t you taser me?” The officers reply to the shirtless man: “No, I don’t want to.”

Then his fellow officer hits him in the legs with a baton.

Despite the initial refusal to use the taser, the man is continuously uncooperative, so one of them decides to shoot the man at the same time the other uses tear gas.

The man, who seemed at least six feet tall, falls to the ground. The officer who shot him with the taser gun shouted “Guys! Don’t use gas! Who the f**k gassed him?”

One of the officers threw himself on top of the burning man to put out the flames, and he was reportedly later arrested and did not suffer any serious injury.

The video was filmed in July 2013, but has not been seen until this week when unknown individuals posted it on Facebook and Twitter.

The force held an internal police investigation into the incident, but no action has reportedly been taken against any individual.

It is the latest in a series of films providing evidence of brutality being used by the forces of order around the city.

This is the second bizarre police video to come out of Paris. Earlier this month, a video showed an officer repeatedly punching a 14-year-old boy in a suburb of Paris, then waving the gun at the boy’s friends.

The unnamed teen screams throughout the assault, which was carried out by an officer in a specialist street crime-fighting unit.

It led to the policeman himself then being attacked by an angry mob, in one of two incidents that caused outrage at New Year.

“The boy was suspected of carrying drugs and using a moped illegally,” said a source close to the case. “He was held down on the floor and repeatedly hit in the face, while in considerable pain. Other youths congregated around him, and were threatened with a gun.”

French President Emmanuel Macron called for a crackdown on urban violence after a series of violent attacks on Paris’ city streets.

Last February, a 22-year-old man was attacked by police when officers stuck a baton in his rectum.

The attack led to nights of rioting in the area, as civil riots protestors said officers were increasingly acting outside the law.

In turn, police said the truncheon had slipped in the man’s rectum “by mistake.”

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