Man Uses His Truck To Plow Neighborhood Streets, Then The City Found Out…


An Idaho man reportedly tried to help his neighbors with the mounting snowfall but found himself facing a hefty fine thanks to a city code.

KIFI/KIDK reported:

Whenever it snows, Mitch Fisher is ready to help his neighbors, whether it’s clearing the sidewalks or trying to clear the street. When the area’s Christmas storm hit, he was out plowing his street with his ATV.

On Wednesday, however, a Pocatello police officer cited Fisher for an infraction — placing or depositing material on a public right of way. It carries a cost of more than $200.

“I take care of the neighbors. They’re all elderly and I like to help them out,” said Fisher, who was confused by the citation.

“I tried to talk (the officer) out of it and tell him what I was doing, that I was trying to get it out of the street because (the street) hasn’t been plowed since the beginning of snow season,” he said. “Of course, he was doing his job, wrote the citation and went on his way.”

Chapter nine of Pocatello’s city code states the following: “It is unlawful for any person to deposit, place or allow to remain in or upon any public right of way any material or substance injurious to persons or property.”

As KIFI/KIDK pointed out, “public right of way” in this situation refers to the street.

Hey, isn’t that what the city did by not plowing the street? Perhaps they should fine themselves …

According to Fisher, he wasn’t putting the snow back in the street but actually the opposite as he moved the snow over to his curb.

“I didn’t want it in front of (my neighbors’) houses because they can’t park. I don’t care if it’s in front of mine,” he said.

Even though he got hit with a big ticket, Fisher noted that he wouldn’t stop helping his neighbors.

“I’ll keep doing what I’m doing. I don’t care about the city,” he said.

KIFI/KIDK reported:

Fisher plans on contesting the ticket, hoping to show he wasn’t violating city code. The ticket got a lot of attention online when he posted it on the group “You know you grew up in Pocatello when…“, where hundreds commented on it and shared it. The post has since been taken down by the group’s administrator.

Let me get this straight. The city reportedly doesn’t come through and plow the streets so this man goes to the trouble of helping his neighbors and he gets a citation?

That sounds about right when it comes to bureaucracy …