Man Who Stopped Mall Terror Attack Is A Cop And Firearms Instructor


Jason Falconer (pictured on the left), the hero who put an abrupt end to the stabbing spree at the Crossroads Center shopping mall in St. Paul, Minnesota this Saturday, is a former police chief, a current part-time police officer, and a firearms trainer.

The St. Cloud Times reported that Falconer was shopping inside Macy’s when he encountered the stabber, later identified as Dahir Adan.

Falconer identified himself as a police officer, and the suspect got down, Kleis said. Almost immediately, the suspect then lunged at Falconer with the knife.

Falconer fired once, and the suspect went down. He got up and lunged at Falconer, who shot him again. The suspect then tried again to lunge at Falconer, who fired a third shot that killed the suspect.

Well done, sir.

But according to Bearing Arms, Jason Falconer is more than just a hero. He is also the owner and president of Tactical Advantage LLC, a company that provides firearms training to Minnesota citizens.

Here’s a snippet his from his Tactical Advantage biography:

Jason believes everyone can always learn something new, no matter what their expertise or discipline. That is why continued education and training has been a strong personal interest of his. As a result, he has attended some of the best firearms training schools in the United States. His goal is to teach individuals the mindset, knowledge and skills needed to be successful with firearms in order to secure their personal safety or that of their family; at home or in public. As a firearm training professional, he continuously researches and develops new curriculum and training methods to make the experience for his students the best they can get.

Falconer is also a member of the United States Practical Shooting Association, a consulting member of SMEAC, and one hell of a shot.

More than that, he is a one of the many reasons why more Americans are choosing to arm themselves each and every day.

Staying alive in this day and age of rampant terrorism and violence requires being prepared, and this in turn mandates that Americans receive proper training.

And, lo and behold, Jason Falconer happens to be among the select few who have dedicated their lives to provide Americans with this exact service.

The immense irony of all this is that, as Bearing Arms contributor Bob Owens correctly noted, while Falconer was the one who put a stop to the St. Cloud attack, “it just as easily could have been one of his students.”

Exactly, and that’s the point! It is also likely the reason that many of the liberal mainstream media outlets that reported on Falconer’s actions avoided mentioning his firearms background.

God forbid, ladies and gentlemen … God forbid more Americans are encouraged to arm themselves against possible threats!