Marco Rubio Tweets a Bible Verse; INSTANTLY This Happens…

Senator Marco Rubio tweeted a couple of Bible verses from his personal Twitter account today, and all hell broke loose.

Of course, the left instantly freaks out when anyone in public service dare mention their faith, unless there are anything other than a Christian. From The Daily Caller:

According to some liberals, Sen. Marco Rubio has “completely lost it” because he tweeted several Bible verses Tuesday morning.

Sen. Rubio (R-FL) tweeted a verse from today’s Gospel reading, which was apparently too much for some secularists, who called the move “unsettling,” “disturbing,” and “tone deaf.”

Here are the actual tweets:

Rubio said nothing about these tweets and then tweeted something about pell grants, then about prayers to a family whose daughter died after graduation. Maybe there’s a correlation between his Bible verses and the following tweets:

Of course, the Twitterverse is so filled with haters and those with self-induced attention deficit disorder that they probably didn’t bother looking further, as in…within the same damn time frame:

Twitter is often nothing more than a cesspool of ignorance, suspicion, hatred, vitriol, and downright tinfoil hat(e) wearers…