Marshawn Lynch Ejected For Coming Off The Bench And Shoving a Referee

Nothing surprises me anymore, especially with this group.

I’m not sure if the National Football League is just that desperate for ratings that they subtly encourage this kind of behavior from their football players, or if NFL players are just that great of thugs; classy, civilized protestors likening themselves to the Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr.

Let’s go with that premise and assume they fit the profile of King when they kneeled. If they did resemble him then, they certainly don’t now.

According to Business Insider:

Things got ugly between rivals Oakland Raiders and Kansas City Chiefs on “Thursday Night Football” and in the end, Marshawn Lynch was ejected for shoving an official.

The play came midway through the second quarter with the Raiders facing a third-and-10. Raiders quarterback Derek Carr attempted a draw up the middle and after he was stopped a Chiefs player hit him late.

At that point, several Raiders players took exception to the hit, including Lynch, who ran in off the bench to enter the melee.

It’s not clear if the officials knew Lynch came in off the bench, but he could clearly be seen running in from the sideline during the altercation.

The replay also clearly showed why Lynch was ejected. With one official trying to break up the mess, Lynch grabbed him by the shirt and shoved the official back.

As soon as Tony Romo saw the replay, he knew Lynch was likely to be ejected and he was, saying, “He’s going to get tossed I bet.”

And tossed he did. It is clear by this video that Lynch grabbed the referee by the shirt and pushed him away, keeping the ref from breaking up the fight.

And THIS is the individual who is called for an END to violence? THIS is the individual who is disrespecting the flag because authorities won’t end violence and create violence?

If you’ll notice in the film, Marshawn Lynch was ON THE BENCH. He was not even in the play.

He sprints off the bench–as though he were rescuing his grandmother off the tracks from an incoming train–and keeps the officials from ending violence.

He holds the shirt of another ref to make sure that violence can continue. That individuals can beat one another up for no regard to law and order, respect for a particular system of handling problems, then have millions of people supporting them is simply baffling.

Lynch was not protesting the absence of a flag on the play. There was a flag. But he didn’t want to wait for that system to unravel.

He decided to do exactly what HE wanted to do.

It would be quite another thing if refs started beating up NFL players–but to have a player condemn the actions of law enforcement, a racially ‘unjust’ society, and violence by disrespecting our flag only to inject his presence in an altercation on the field and impede authorities from stopping the violence is just too much.

So, Marshawn, you aren’t necessarily against violence–it just needs to be on your terms.

And there are certain things OTHERS cannot do, but you have free reign in this world.

That is the definition of a tyrant, no?