What It Means To Be A Democrat Today, Brilliantly Summed Up

From Seth Connell:

In what I can only describe as the law of “duh,” it seems that liberals may finally be realizing the fact that gun control laws have consequences; in that, if criminals and psychopaths cannot buy guns legally, they will find other ways to get their hands on weapons regardless of the law.

Once again in the spotlight of the issue over guns in America is the idea of people having “ghost guns,” firearms that do not have a serial number. The “ghost gun” phrase sounds scarier because it can be used to fear-monger people about the black market of firearms. That, despite the fact that no law can stop people from making their own guns at home and then using them for their criminal plans.

The man who committed a mass shooting at seven locations, including an elementary school, in California earlier this week had reportedly not been able to legally own guns because of his felony charges and mental health issues. However, according to ABC News, he was able to skirt the prohibition on legal gun ownership by making firearms at home.

He was prohibited from legally possessing a firearm, but *shock!* he ignored it and did things himself. Who could have ever predicted that?

Tehama County Assistant Sheriff Phil Johnston told reporters in a press conference Wednesday afternoon that the two semi-automatic rifles with multi-round clips [*magazines!*] that gunman Kevin Neal was armed with were illegally manufactured at his home and were not registered.

Neal was out on bail on an assault charge he was arrested for in January, and his family said he suffered from a history of mental health issues, such as paranoia. But he was able to find a workaround of a court order that prohibited him from having guns by making them himself, The Associated Press reported.

Johnston said that as gun laws become more restrictive, criminals will begin to build their own. ABC News consultants, former NYPD Police Commissioner Ray Kelly and former FBI agent Steve Gomez, said they agree with him.

Someone should tell ABC News’ reporter that they need to read up on the name of firearms parts. Clips are not used in AR-style rifles; magazines are the ammunition feeding devices. This is now World War II, and the weapon is not an M1 Garand.

Anyways, that issue aside… California has some of the most restrictive gun laws in the nation, effectively banning all AR-style rifles over the past several years with incremental legislation decreasing the ways by which residents could legally own an AR rifle.

That notwithstanding, Neal ignored the law and made his own firearms for his heinous act. And the issue is that there’s not much lawmakers or law enforcement can do about it.

“If lawmakers took steps to make the gun laws more restrictive, those unlicensed home-made firearms would be highly sought after by people and criminals who do not care to comply with the law,” Gomez said.

Both Gomez and Kelly advocate for more regulation of the unfinished lower receivers so that they could not be purchased without a serial number. However, these receivers are not full receivers, they are 80% completed, and are not considered a firearm under the law.

If these devices are then reclassified as actually being firearms, how would they do it? Would the new threshold be 60%? 50% 25%? If they continue to go after the “ghost guns,” it becomes an arbitrary numbers game, where a random number would have to be selected for firearms regulation and serialization.

All the while, the psychos and criminals and jihadis have gone to the black market for their guns, and wow! They are still heavily armed despite that new law!

“However, even with increased monitoring and regulations, those individuals intent on having and using an unlicensed and illegal firearm will always seek other alternatives,” Gomez said. “Its law enforcement’s job, along with the public’s help, to anticipate and respond to those alternatives that can lead to a violent incident as we saw in Tehama County.”

No matter what, those who seek to do criminal things will find ways of doing so. Even on the rainy, nanny-statist British island, gun crime has surged in recent years despite their effective ban on private firearms ownership.

Please tell me more about how gun control measures that just punish law-abiding people will stop crime and mass shootings?