Media Decries “Fake News,” But Look What WaPo Writer Reported


After there were reports circulated that “Fake News” influenced the election more than “Real News,” it was announced that sites like Google and Facebook would be “cracking down” on these fake news sites.

Will the subjects of these crackdowns include MSNBC, CBS, ABC, or the Washington Post? Because we’ve found some fake news here alright!

On Election Night, a Washington Post columnist Tweeted out that the absolute worse outcome for the election would be that Hillary Clinton would win by 274 electoral votes. However, that was far from the case.

So he first “predicted” that there was no way Hillary would lose (sounds like propaganda to me, if anything is). But when she lost, and when the Left began to collectively lose their minds, WaPo also published a column in response to questions posed by Senator Ben Sasse of Nebraska about the riots.

WaPo published an article titled “Sen. Sasse, here are some answers to your questions about ‘paid rioting’,” where the author effectively labeled Sasse as a conspiracy theorist for asking legitimate questions about who is funding these astroturf riots.

So now that Hillary lost, and the false prophets’ predictions did not come true, all of a sudden the Left is concerned about “Fake News” ehh? Well, how about these sources of fake news?

And how about the fact that the notion that “fake news” influenced the election more than “real news” was debunked?

AND how about the fact that the Left LOVED their actually fake news sources just 4 years ago?

And why are they reacting the way they are now?

But that’s none of my business…

What is my business though, and yours as well, is the danger of “crackdowns” on fake news sites online. The argument is that disinformation spread through these “fake” sources influenced the election and that we cannot have untruths being a part of our political dialogue.

In a free society there will always be people who spread disinformation and propaganda; that’s just what happens.

However, in a society that cracks down on “fake news” sites, disinformation and propaganda will be the ONLY things that are spread.

Freedom of the press, complete freedom of the press, is needed to keep the government accountable and the people informed. If the press is ever restricted by the government, then truly the only sources of information that will exist are the ones designed to completely control the population.

H/T Twitchy