Media Melts Down Over Video of Trump Feeding Fish in Japan

I just can’t. The anti-Trump hysteria is simply getting to be too much.

There are real problems in the world, correct? Things to get worked up about that really matter?

Poverty. Genocide. Dictatorial governments. Aids. Terrorism.

But, instead of lamenting over serious problems and channeling energy to solve those problems, journalists–instead–decide to focus on THE most ridiculous issues.

And those ridiculous issues usually involve President Trump.

If you’re going to critique our President, I ask that you at least address a worthy cause.

Please, I’m begging you. Because, what is really getting under the skin of journalists today is how he feeds fish.

Not kidding. True story. I can’t make this stuff up.

According to The Daily Caller, the President fed Japanese Koi while visiting Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in Tokyo.

And journalists are worked up because…he didn’t do it right!

A number of journalists on Twitter lambasted President Donald Trump for pouring an entire box of food into a pond of precious Japanese koi, some even suspecting that amount of food could damage the fish.

As the meme spread through social media, other users joined in teasing Trump for improper conduct during the photo-op on his first state visit to Japan, until full video of the incident came out showing Trump was just following the example of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

“Trump and Japanese PM Shinzo Abe were scheduled to feed koi spoonfuls of food. Until Trump poured his entire box of fish food into the pond,” CNBC reporter Christina Wilkie wrote on Twitter.

Some even suggested that his behavior at the koi pond could launch a “diplomatic incident.”

Really? Is this what we are wasting our energy, Twitter characters, and column space on? Japanese Koi diets?

And, if you look at this video of Shinzo Abe and Donald Trump, you’ll notice that President Trump was simply following Prime Minister Abe’s lead.

In other words, SHINZO ABE did the EXACT same thing.

Are liberal journalists really that hard pressed to find something to criticize Trump for?

As reported by CNN Politics:

As an aide clapped loudly, Abe and Trump tossed spoonfuls of fish food into the pond. Then, with a look of enjoyment, Trump quickly poured his entire box of food into the pond.

The move got Trump some laughs, and a smile from Abe, who actually appeared to dump out his box of food ahead of Trump.

Stellar reporting, CNN. The video clearly shows Abe dumping his food in the pond first. There is no “appeared”–Abe did it. He very clearly dumped his box out too.

But, of course, because it is the Clinton News Network, you first report that the President dumped his food in with “a look of enjoyment” as though he is some sociopath who enjoys seeing fish struggle with an abundance of food surrounding them.

It’s just too much.

Couldn’t they focus on tax reform? Healthcare? DACA? Are Koi the problem of 2017?

Will this be a presidential platform for the 2020 race?

I WILL NOT, I repeat, WILL NOT feed the Japanese Koi an entire box off food JUST LIKE the Prime Minister Shinzo Abe did…I also won’t raise taxes. Vote for me!

Pro-Koi 2020!

On a scale of 1-10, how ridiculous is this?