Media’s Guide For Determining What Is ‘Fake News’ Summed Up in One Chart


From Regan Pifer: Ah! How refreshing!

The left is constantly pointing the finger at conservatives calling objective news “fake” simply because they do not like what is being reported.

Sadly, social media platforms like Facebook, are expecting the most bias and liberal news sources, like Politifact, to fact check news stories.

According to Breitbart:

Facebook’s decision to tout PolitiFact as a credible and independent fact checker is awfully disturbing, given the organization’s repeated smear campaign against Donald Trump throughout the 2016 election.

Facebook’s “fake news” flaggers, Politifact, et al., have a history of showing sympathy for left-wing narratives. Time and again PolitiFact published stories that favored Hillary Clinton’s candidacy, while promoting “fact checks” meant to rebut or embarrass Republicans.

Below is a list of the many instances proving why Politifact is completely unqualified to be an objective judge of what’s real and “fake” news.

1. Last March, PolitiFact delivered a “mostly false” rating for a joke made by Republican Senator Ted Cruz.

2. Last April, PolitiFact made phone calls and sent a reporter to investigate whether Governor Scott Walker actually “paid one dollar for” a sweater he bought at Kohl’s. PolitiFact later ruled Walker’s claim “true.”

3. When Trump said Clinton wants “open borders,” PolitiFact deemed his statement “mostly false” — despite the fact that Clinton admitted as much in a private, paid speech to a Brazilian bank on May 16, 2013. “My dream is a hemispheric common market, with open trade and open borders,” she said at the time.

The list continues.

The most egregious writing of Politifact are those that whitewash Hillary Clinton while she was Secretary of State.

“In an attempt to explain Hillary Clinton’s role in the sale of 25 percent of the United States’ uranium stockpile” for example, “Politifact ignored numerous key facts, downplayed other key facts, and ultimately made 13 errors in its analysis…

…A few months later, PolitiFact was, again, attempting to whitewash Clinton’s role in the Russian uranium deal. Like PolitiFact’s first foray into the subject, the second report commits many factual errors and is full of glaring inaccuracies and omissions.”

THESE are the news sources that are going to provide fact check services to Facebook?

My only question now is do I deactivate my Facebook account or simply delete it?!