Megyn Kelly Just Got Horrible News About Her Alex Jones Interview

Remember all the outcries last week over NBC News host Megyn Kelly interviewing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones?

The left was outraged she gave him a platform and the alt-right was outraged he might be made a fool of. Kelly was excoriated by parents of Sandy Hook victims for daring to put him on her show and cancelled an event she was hosting to push gun control.

Looks like it didn’t really end up mattering much, although word is that it wasn’t a fluff piece and she actually did a pretty good job. Of course, ratings were part of the reason NBC did it; they all rely on ratings for revenue. From Mediate:

After a week of fever-pitch media coverage in anticipation of Megyn Kelly’s interview with controversial conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, her episode debuted Sunday night with a ratings flop.

The network was likely hoping that the controversy surrounding Kelly’s choice to interview Jones would deliver big ratings, but they’re hopes were dashed as the ratings came out Monday: the episode brought in an average of 3.5 million viewers.

Looks like all the outrage and hype was all for naught. Apparently, Kelly’s debut show with Putin had over 6.1 million viewers:

Since the debut of Kelly’s show, in which she interviewed Russian President Vladimir Putin drew an average of 6.1 million viewers, her ratings have steadily declined.

Controversy and hype didn’t win the day on this one.