Melania Trump Gets A Surprise During Visit To Japan

An all-female police squad will protect First Lady Melania Trump during her visit to Japan Sunday.

The all-female police squad will protect Trump, Ivanka Trump, and other female dignitaries who are visiting Japan, reported the New York Daily News. This is the first time the Tokyo police department will use an all-female unit, reported The Asahi Shimbun. She will also have her secret service security detail.

Gone is the bulky body armor used when facing rioters or dangerous criminals, to be replaced by smart black suits.

“We opted for a more cultivated look to suit the occasion,” added a police officer in charge of the security plan, saying the women would be wearing black suits instead of police gear, according to The Asahi Shimbun.

But looks don’t always tell the true story: These ladies don’t drop their guard.

A woman holding a gift or a bouquet of flowers jumps out of a crowd to hand them to a female “VIP” who is walking past in the Imperial Palace Outer Gardens in central Tokyo.

In a flash, female officers pounce on the trespasser and escort her back into the crowd.

That was just a drill, part of the training that was staged for the media on Nov. 1.

All-female units were also assigned to protect former first lady Michelle Obama during her visits to Asian countries. But this marks the first Time the Tokyo police department has deployed a unit without male officers.

“Typically, by providing this sort of unit, law enforcement is trying to be respectful and not too intrusive,” Jonathan Wackrow, CNN law enforcement analyst and former agent with the United States Secret Service for the presidential protection unit, said.

“They think it’s more welcoming to have an all-female crew, and it’s not uncommon,” said Wackrow, reported CNN.

Ivanka will attend the World Assembly for Women, an international conference for empowerment of women and related issues, on Nov. 3.

U.S. President Donald Trump, her father, and first lady Melania, her mother-in-law, are scheduled to arrive Nov. 5 for a three-day visit.

The Japanese police unit used for this trip is also in preparation for the 2020 Olympics Games which will be held in Japan.

“Operationally, these support forces are minimal to the actual security program of the United States Secret Service,” Wackrow said. “They aren’t relied on for any emergency action.” In other words, should anything happen to a principle protectee, such as the first lady, the Secret Service detail assigned to her is the primary line of defense.

Wackrow, however, notes that local law enforcement on the ground does a great service for large travel operations such as the one Trump is undertaking next week in Asia. “They provide an essential role in helping gain access, for help with language barriers and for general support,” Wackrow said.