Melania Trump Opened A Part Of The White House To Visitors For First Time In History

For the first time in American history, First Lady Melania Trump opened the White House Movie Theater to East Wing visitors.

Tell me about the President’s movie theater!
According to reports from The Daily Caller, “The East Terrace cloakroom–was converted into a theater at the direction of President Franklin D. Roosevelt in July 1942.

It underwent major remodeling during Ronald Reagan’s administration with the addition of 51 seats in tiered rows.

The most recent refurbishment took place in 2004-05 and was inspired by theater design of the early 20th century.”

And now East Wing visitors can see this historic, presidential theater.

Why did Melania open the theater?
She believes the White House “belongs to the people of this country” and “everyone who takes the time to visit and tour the White House should have as much access to its rich history and wonderful traditions as possible.”

Did previous presidents open the doors of the White House?
In earlier presidencies, Americans had greater access to the White House. For example, the White House doors were open to the public to celebrate Andrew Jackson’s inauguration (in fact, tubs of spiked punch were brought out to the front yard to lure drunken partygoers out of the house).

Americans lined outside the Oval Office to ask Abraham Lincoln for help during the Civil War and wealthy Southerners asked Andrew Johnson for pardons after the Civil War.

Presidential security, however, has increased with each decade and assassination attempt.